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Bed bugs are a menace to any area they infest. Their small size can make them difficult to detect and even more challenging to remove from your home.

Protecting your home with the best bed bug killer powder can eliminate their presence in your home.

Using a powder allows you to more accurately attack the small crevices where these insects are hiding, helping to cleanse your home of the infestation.

How bed bugs occur

Bed bugs are a problematic insect as they can easily infest a home and multiple quickly. They are often known to hide in your bed, but how do they get there?

As these insects are so small, they often go unnoticed. They can be found entering your home through mundane ways.

Unlike other pests which travel inside through holes, cracks, and open windows, bed bugs are given access to your home by being carried through the front door.

Bed bugs use an unusual method of spreading from place to place by clinging to objects you bring into your home.

Objects like newly purchased furniture, indoor pets, and even suitcases from a recent vacation provide these bugs the ability to infiltrate your space.

Not checking these objects before they enter your home can allow these pests to move freely throughout the house.

Once inside a location, bed bugs can quickly spread. They can take over an entire home, hiding in fabrics, furniture, vents, and door frames.

From there they travel between rooms, infesting entire locations. They can even spread from apartment to apartment or from person to person, extending their reach.

Once in a home, bed bugs will often look for furniture, textiles, blankets, mattresses, and bed frames.

They are most commonly found within a bed as the environment provides a great place for them to feed, grow, and produce eggs.

Bedrooms are often kept at 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit which is the desired temperature of these pests.

They can easily hide in the fibers of a mattress during the day, going undetected. At night they have access to their food source-you.

Bed bugs feed on blood, their small bites becoming noticeable over time and often the first real sign people notice. By this point though, the bed bugs could have laid multiple sets of eggs.

Preventative methods

Making sure you thoroughly check all new additions to your house like a new couch or mattress and clean other objects that have been outside of the home for a time like suitcases can help prevent these pests from infesting your home in the first place.

Being vigilant for signs as well can help you notice their movements before bite marks appear.

Once you know of an infestation, the first step you should take will also be preventative. You will need to locate and close off all infested areas.

If you are able to contain the bed bugs to just one section of a house or even just one room, you will be able to more easily remove them.

Make sure to clean and disinfect other spaces around the infected space, including deep cleanings of furniture, flooring, door frames, other materials like curtains, air vents connecting rooms, etc.

Cleaning these spaces will help you verify that the bed bug infestation has not spread and will allow you to completely seal off areas.

Acting fast is also key. Once you notice a bed bug, you should begin the process of removing them. Waiting will only allow their numbers to grow and spread further out of control.

Using multiple cleaning and killer products can also help. Many people recommend using both sprays and powders.

However, do not use these products at the same time.

First apply spray to areas that are infected to kill off the most visible of the pests.

After several days when the spray has taken an effect and completely dried, apply powder to areas that sprays cannot reach as efficiently like cracks and frames.

This method will allow you to better attack and fully cover areas.

Bed bug eggs

Once an area is deemed clear of bed bugs make sure to give in a deep cleaning as well to destroy any possible surviving eggs. This includes any mattresses, bed frames, and blankets.

This is an important step and will prevent the continuation of the bed bug infestation as most killers, both spray and powder, do not actually damage or kill all bed bug eggs.

While a few products do manage this task, most are unable to destroy the eggs due to their protective shells.

Eggs are also well hidden and lie deep within objects within the room where most insecticides will not be able to reach or even be applied to.

When the eggs hatch, most of them will be killed by the powder you have applied but may also lay more eggs to continue the cycle.

Killing the eggs may take a lot of time to make sure they are properly destroyed, and everything is cleaned, but it will be worth the effort.

Diseases and problems of bed bugs

Bed bugs do not often cause any severe health problems unlike other house invading pests.

The most common issue caused by these pests is their bite marks. These areas can often feature a little swelling and become itchy.

But with many common cures and treatments for the bites, it is easy for people to treat and does not often lead to other problems.

A rarer occurrence can occur when a person has an allergic reaction to the bed bug’s bite. This causes a greater amount of swelling but will often not need any special treatment unless other allergy reaction signs appear.

Infections can also occur occasionally. This is caused by the bite marks’ wounds being opened whenever the person itches them.

Open wounds like this can become infected if not treated and covered properly.

Beyond that the bite marks are painless.

Bed bugs do not damage any furniture or beds where they are dwelling like other pests do either.

The main problem that can arise from their presence is how they affect your sleep. Many people may struggle to sleep comfortable as the bed bugs bite them.

The itchy nature of the bites can also keep people awake.

An overall sense of paranoia is common as people continue to feel the bugs after they are gone.

What are killer powders?

Killer powders or dusts are an insecticide used to cover and protect small, hard to reach areas within a home or other infested place.

They are designed to kill bed bugs that come in contact with the substance within 48 hours, though some products work faster.

These use non-toxic substances like diatomaceous earth with other unnatural ingredients to create an insecticide that kills all manor of crawling insects and protects your home.

Though diatomaceous is non-toxic and safe to use within the home, the powder can still be toxic to humans and pets is digested.

Make sure young children and pets are kept away from where the powder is applied to ensure their safety.

Diatomaceous is a powder made from phytoplankton fossilized remains and is a popular choice for indoor and outdoor bug killers. It does not affect the skin and is safe to use in soils.

This powder works to dehydrate and kill insects like bed bugs that have an exoskeleton in a way other insecticides cannot.

Using powders around the home

When using a powder or any other insecticide product within your home, it is important to carefully read and follow instructions.

It is also important to place the powder properly. As it is intended to fill small, tight, and hard to reach places, you do not want to leave it in dense piles.

You should also not scatter it around aimlessly either as you will eventually need to clean up the area.

Instead, carefully lay out small lines of it in areas where bed bugs could be hiding. This includes lining the walls, door frames, around bed, behind outlets, cracks in floorboards, around furniture, etc.

Certain powders can also be placed directly on your mattress to fight and kill bugs hiding within it.

To learn more about how you can properly place the dust or powder around your home to eliminate bed bugs, check out the video below.

Powders are effective for up to a month and can be reapplied if needed. Make sure to clean areas where they were placed after the powder is no longer needed.

When selecting a powder it is important to find one that does not stain or present an odor to the room. This will help protect any furniture you may use it on and limit the effect its presence has on you.

Best bed bug killer powder

If you’re looking for a good bed bug killer option, there are a number of choices that could potentially work for you. It’s a good idea to always consult a pest control industry professional before using any new product.

The following options may prove a good place for you to start.

Safer 51703 Diatomaceous Earth-Bed Bug Flea, Ant, Crawling Insect Killer 4 lb

The Safer Diatomaceous Earth killer bed bug powder is made of diatomaceous and partnered with other ingredients like silicon dioxide in order to kill pets.

There are no chemicals added to the formula of the product though, so bed bugs cannot build up an immunity to it.

This powder comes in a bag, which means you will need to find an appliance to help you distribute the powder in thin lines.

The bag is resealable to help you store the powder and contains four pounds worth of powder to cover larger areas.

The powder kills a variety of pests beyond just bed bugs.

The diatomaceous based powder also works against insects like fleas, ants, cockroaches, and more to protect your home for a larger number of pests.

The insects are killed after they ingest the powder, which dehydrates them, causing them to shrivel up and die. This process takes no longer than 48 hours to complete once the insect has digested it.

As this product will not harm the environment, it is safe to use both indoors and out to fight the targeted pests.

This includes areas within your kitchen, living room, bedroom, attic, basement, garden, patio, garage, and is even safe to use on your mattress as it is a stain free product.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug, Flea & Tick Killer Powder

This killer bed bug powder by Ortho is designed for indoors home use. It works to kill bed bugs within an area to completely rid your home of their infestations.

But it does not just work for bed bugs. In fact, the powder can also be used against infestations of fleas and ticks.

These pests can cause similar problems and health issues as bed bugs whenever they are inside your home.

The powder comes in a bottle, which has a thin nozzle for application.

This makes the application process easier to complete as the nozzle will lay out thin lines of the powder without clumping or scattering the product.

The nozzle also allows you to better reach into cracks and crevices that are thin.

Things like bed frames, box springs, dressers, closets, and even carpet’s edges are easier to reach and protect.

The bottle is 12 ounces in size which allows for a total of 1,500 square feet of coverage.

This is a decent amount and allows you to cover a wide range of areas within your home to eliminate and stop the spread of bed bugs.

The killer powder is also odorless, so it will not bother you or your pets with any smells.

Once applied, the powder’s killer effect lasts for two weeks. For larger infestations you may need to reapply after the allotted time.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

HARRIS Bed Bug Killer Powder, 4oz with Application Brush

Harris’s bed bug killer powder is a small bottle that is used to act as a treatment to rid your home of bed bugs. The powder is designed to kill bed bugs in less than 48 hours after contact or indigestion.

Not only does the powder work against full grown bed bugs, but the solution will also target and kill bed bug eggs.

This is due to the powder’s active ingredient, malic acid which is able to destroy the protective shells of the bed bug’s eggs.

When applying the product, make sure to use light amounts and to not place it on any liquids as this can affect its efficiency.

Treating areas like floors, windows, walls, around furniture, pipes, and other areas within the home is easier to do with the nozzle and brush.

Together these two features create a way to reach even the hardest to reach places.

Not only can you treat areas within a room, you can also use the powder on your mattress.

Your mattress, box spring, and even cushions can all be protected safely and cleansed of bed bugs with this solution.

The bottle is small, holding only 4 ounces of powder, but it is long lasting and kills quickly.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product may work for your needs.