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Webbing around the inside of your home is one of the easiest indicators that a spider is living in your residence, place of employment, or other building space.

These pests can present many challenges beyond webbing though. Using an indoor repellent can be a great way to drive spiders away and prevent their return.

The best indoor spider repellent will work to drive these pests from your home in a safe way that limits the potential harm caused by harsh chemicals and poisons.

It will be safe to use in the home and have other benefits like no clean up required, easy operation and application, and natural methods.

Spiders in the home and other buildings

Spiders, like other pests such as mice or insects, can easily access a home or other building space.

Riding in on pets, plants, people, bags, etc. allows them to cross the threshold of your home. Spiders can also slip inside a home through open doors, windows, cracks or small holes, vents, and more.

The ways in are endless and once they are in, it can be difficult to get rid of them.

Their webbing is one quick way to spot them, but many can hide in your home unseen for weeks, crawling throughout your home.

Their presence is common during colder months and if there is a strong food source inside for them to thrive on.

Can spiders affect your health?

Most spiders you will deal with in your home are going to be common, small spiders that do not present much of a health risk. They are either not poisonous or enable them to harm humans due to their smaller size.

Yet there is always the chance of having a more dangerous spider in your home.

There are hundreds of different species of spiders in the world and several can present some risk to your health once they are in your home.

It is important to know what dangerous spider types are common in your area and familiarize yourself with their appearance.

This will allow you to be more aware and reassured when you encounter everyday, non-threatening spiders.

Spiders that are not dangerous but can still bite you may cause a small reaction to occur.

This includes the presentation of a small, red area forming around the bite, which can also swell up some.

These are usually no need for alarm but you can always have it checked out by your family doctor to verify it is not going to become an issue.

More dangerous spider bites can cause issues like increased swelling, inflammation and infection, or allergic reactions.

The worst spider bite will be from the rarer, venomous bites which can affect you and others in the home including pets.  

Different types to use

The two main types of repellents used to rid your home, office space, or other residence are either sprays or ultrasonic devices.

You can also use dry forms of spray repellents, such as bags or dusts which feature similar ingredients and traits to the spray.

The main differences to note when reading the specific features of each of these two types is the time it takes for them to function, their coverage area, how long they last, and how they drive out the pests.

These change as the method and function of the devices are different.

Ultrasonic devices will rely on their ability to produce a frequency sound wave to drive away spiders while sprays will produce a smell-based repellent.

Both devices work to protect your home well from spiders though.

They both also work to fight against various pests beyond spiders.

Many pests are affected by the same sound and smell these repellents produce. This includes a variety of insects, roaches, mice, rats, and more.

Spray repellents

Spray repellents offer many positive features that make them a great option for you to use in order to protect your home. These sprays should not be confused with chemical killers or poisons.

These sprays will start working quickly and are known to show results within the first or second week following the application.

Sprays will often be more natural and work to repel rather than kill spiders and insects.

These sprays are preferred over killers and chemicals as they are safer to use, more natural in their ingredients, and do not require you to clean up a mess of chemical residue or dead spiders.

Many sprays are made of mostly or completely natural ingredients. These allow you to use the product anywhere within a home and make it safe to use no matter who is in your home.

This includes the safety of children and pets who will be living in the area.

Making sure they do not mess with the spray bottle or the initial spraying process is a smart safety practice, but they will both be able to continue to dwell in the residence once the spray is applied.

The spray will not require you to clean the area either, as it will be designed to not strain or leave a residue.

The main natural ingredient used for these sprays is peppermint oil and other essential oils.

These are used as they are pleasant to use indoors yet unpleasant to spiders, mice, and other unwanted pests.

The use of peppermint oil is common as it is very irritating to spiders yet produces a fresh, minty smell for your home once used.

Sprays do require some reapplying as time goes but this ranges widely from product to product. Some will require multiple applications in a week while others may last up to three weeks.

Areas to spray are often baseboards, cracks within a home, doorways and other thresholds, basements, and windows.

Depending on how severe your spider problem is, how often you need to respray, and how large an area you need to cover will affect how large of a bottle you will need.

Smaller bottles are great for those looking to cover a smaller indoor area or for temporary use.

Larger bottles are for those experiencing a larger spider problem or who need to cover a large space for an extended period of time.

Ultrasonic device description

Ultrasonic devices are a common repeller used as they are safe to use around pets, children, and work constantly without need to reapply or strengthen them as time passes.

So long as they are plugged into a functioning outlet, they will be operational.

These devices work by emitting a frequency soundwave, undetectable by humans, but to spiders, mice, insects, and roaches this sound causes disorientation and minor nervous discomfort.

This works to slowly drive out the pests.

The devices take around three weeks to show complete results and are often made to target more than one specific pest.

Those devices targeting larger pests like rats or squirrels do not often feature spiders as a target but can if they have different setting options.

Make sure you are aware of just what animals, insects, or other are targeted by a specific device as some indoor pets may be listed.

The devices feature wide ranges that are great at covering open areas. The range is unable to pass through walls into other rooms though and is often dampened by solid furniture or other objects.

Furniture or other solid objects and materials should be placed away from the device so as not to block the ultrasonic frequency speaker.

Placing one device per room is often recommended in order to completely cover an area. Many brands sell these devices in packs because of this usually up to six.

Best indoor spider repellent

If you’re having a spider infestation problem, there are a number of repellent options that may work for you. It’s important to always consult a pest control professional before using any new product around your home.

The following options may work well for your needs.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 6 Packs, 2020 Upgraded, Electronic Indoor Pest Repellent Plug in for Insects, Mice,Ant, Mosquito, Spider, Rodent, Roach, Mosquito Repellent for Children and Pets’ Safe

Mapogiant’s pest repeller is an ultrasonic device which emits a frequency soundwave that can harmless rid your home of spiders, mice, and many insect types in order to protect it and keep your home pest free.

This device emits a disorientating pulse that affects these smaller creatures and drives them away from an area. This can take up to three weeks for a location to be completely clear of the spiders and other pests.

The device is inaudible to humans, children, and pets. It is safe to use for this reason and due to the fact that there are no chemicals, poisons, or other toxic materials used to repel the spiders.

The range of the device is 120 square meters, though the device cannot travel through walls or solid objects, especially if those objects are placed directly in front of the device’s speaker.

It is recommended to use one device per each room of the home in order to fully cover and protect a region. This product is sold with a total of six devices sold in a pack.

Each device is white in color and features a blue light to indicate it is fully operational after being pulled into an outlet.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

Mighty Mint – 16oz Spider Repellent Peppermint Oil – Natural Spray for Spiders, Insects and More – Non Toxic

The Mighty Mint repellent is a repellent designed to be sprayed around your home in order to build up a protective, natural spray-based wall.

This wall is made to not only limit the spiders coming into your home but to help prevent them from entering at all.

The spray will also work to drive out any spiders already within the home.

This specific repellent is sold in a bottle, containing a total of 16 ounces of the repellent. This allows you to cover a large area as it is on the larger size of repellent bottles.

The spray is a natural spray with natural, safe ingredients. This means there are not toxins used to create the spray.

In fact, the repellent produces a peppermint smell as peppermint oil is one of its main ingredients. Often perceived as pleasant by most humans, the fresh smell drives away spiders and also insects.

The repellent is safe to use around children and pets and can be used both inside and outside. Spray on areas like baseboards, doorways, and frames of the home entrances.

To apply maximum effectiveness and great a solid barrier, a good idea for those experiencing extreme cases, spray every three days. This maintains the scent.  

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could potentially work for you.

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