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Mosquitos can be irritating pests that bite you, causing itching bumps to cover your skin. When going outdoors, you may rely on bug spray or some other form of protection to prevent these bites.

But what about when mosquitos are indoors? Even one of the insects inside a home, workspace, or other building type can be a nuisance as they buzz around you throughout the day and even at night.

Finding a mosquito repelling device that is designed for indoor use will require you to consider a few features. You will want a device that drives away and maybe even kill the irritating pests that have infiltrated your home or other building location.

You will want to consider the safety of using these devices as they will be indoors and possibly around young children or pets. Other considerations will include things like if you want the device to kill the pests, how the device operates, and their power source.

Considering these traits will allow you to find the best device for your needs and to rid the pests from your building.

Dangers of mosquitos

Mosquitos can be a pain once inside your home. They can fly around you day and night and are difficult to track and kill.

But beyond the simple bites they cause, they can also inflict other health issues.

Mosquitos are difficult to remove for a number of reasons, one being that they will not leave a home or building with a constant food source.

Once bitten, the area of the bite will become irritated, itchy, and red. These spots can swell a great deal for different people as everyone can react differently.

These are just minor symptoms though, but the spots can lead to other health problems.

Itching the area can cause the skin to open, leading to minor bleeding and an exposed wound.

This makes it possible for bacteria to enter your body which can lead to future ailments and infections.

Most bites just lead to the basic itchy symptoms. Yet cases exist where the mosquitos themselves can infect you with other illnesses.

Illnesses like malaria or yellow fever are often carried by these insects.

These diseases can affect younger children and people with weakened immune systems as they are at a greater risk.

How mosquitos infiltrate a home

It can be difficult to remove the insects from a building without these devices.

Once inside, they will begin to multiply and are easily hidden due to their small size.

But a more challenging problem can be how they are entering your home.

The most common ways include plants, windows, doors, cracks and holes, or even by pets.

When plants or pets are brought inside after a period outdoors, it is possible they will bring with them many different insects including mosquitos.

The insects can dig into the soil of your plants hiding inside for a time.

Similarly, they can be on your pets, buried in their fur or feeding on them as they travel back inside the home.

Open windows and doors can also cause the insects to enter the building.

Making sure you have unbroken screens and sealed frames for each.

Keeping these areas closed during dark hours of the day, especially if you have the lights on inside, will also work to limit the number of insects attracted to the location.

Mosquitos like any pests can also enter a home through cracks or holes within the building. These areas are free access to many different pest types beyond just mosquitos.

Types of indoor repellent devices

 There are two main types of indoor mosquito repellent devices, lamp or electronic devices and ultrasonic devices.

There are variations to these devices, especially to lamp or electronic devices, but each works to rid your home of mosquitos.

The major difference between these two device types is their treatment of the mosquitos.

While both types are labeled as repellers, electronic devices will often feature a zapping feature which works to kill the mosquitos rather than just repel them.

This is due to their effectiveness in ridding a home of mosquitos once they are in. ultrasonic repellent devices will work to prevent future entrance without killing the bugs.

Ultrasonic devices are the main form of repellent for indoor use, though they are other forms of repellent devices for patio and outdoor use only.

The range of these devices is also different, with their impact being decided by the power of the device’s sound or light.

Both ultrasonic devices and electronic devices will offer different results and functions to you as a user which will allow you to better pick between the two options and find the one best suited for your needs.

Electronic zappers

Electronic zappers or lamp-based mosquito repellents are often used outdoors to repel and kill mosquitos but there are versions intended for indoor use.

These devices are labeled as repellents, though their main action is to kill mosquitos and other insects in your home.

This is the same result of repelling based devices and is often more effective in completely eliminating the problematic insects.

These devices will always feature some killing element to them, an electronic zapper that instantly kills insects once they make contact with the device.

They may also include the addition of LED or UV lights which work to draw in the insects, attracting them by a white or blue light most commonly.

These devices can be operated one of two ways, either by being plugged into an electrical outlet or else they are battery operated.

Unlike many outside devices of this nature, the indoor versions will be smaller in size and scale. They will also not be as powerful so that they will be safe for indoor use.

This means the devices will be safe to use in a home or building where children or pets are common.

However, the devices should still be placed out of curious children or pets’ reach in order to limit their interaction with the device and prevent them from damaging it.

Devices that rely on an outlet for power are often more favored than those that need constant battery changes.

While batteries do offer the advantage of permitting you to place the device anywhere within the area, this is often not necessary for use indoors as there is usually at least one outlet per room.

One negative trait about these devices is their reliance on an attractive source, like the use of a light, in order to draw the attention of the pests.

This limits the range of the device’s effectiveness.

A mosquito must be able to see and find the light before it is killed.

For larger buildings with multiple rooms, this will require the insects to be in the right room or a device in every room.

Ultrasonic devices

Ultrasonic devices are commonly used devices which require you to simply plug in the device in order for it to work.

The device will emit a frequency sound wave that irritates the nervous system of the selected pest targeted by the device effectively driving them away from the premises.

These devices are operational as long as they are plugged into and offer a wider range that can often cover a large open space or a singular room.

The device’s frequency is safe to use around both pets and children, though more powerful devices can be heard by some smaller pets.

These devices are designed to target larger pests and animals and will often not apply to mosquito related devices.

Ultrasonic devices will require you to place them in an outlet that is uncovered with no furniture, curtains, or other objects directly in front of the device.

These types of fabrics or thick objects can dampen the frequency and the device’s speaker.

This is also true to the device’s ability to send its frequency through walls. 

While the range of these devices is wide and able to protect and repel mosquitoes from large areas, traveling to multiple rooms that are divided by walls is often not an option as the frequency is not powerful enough to resound through the building’s wall.

Luckily, many of these devices are sold in packs, allowing you to cover and protect multiple rooms more easily.

Best mosquito repellent device for indoor use

There are a number of mosquito repellent options that may work well for you. It’s important to always consult a pest control industry professional before using any new product.

The following options may work well for your needs.

GLOUE 6pcs Bug Zapper Electric Flies Pests Trap Indoor, Mosquito Blue Light for Backyard, Patio Bedroom, Kitchen, Office Electronic Insect Killer

GLOUE’s electric bug zapper is a mosquito zapper sporting the newest updates in its power and efficiency to protect your indoor space.

The device requires no chemicals or other poisons and sprays in order to kill the pests.

Rather, this device uses eco-friendly materials to attract and kill the insects. This makes the device safe to use around all humans and pets.

It also means there will be no mess or solutions to clean up as it relies on its electric zapper to kill the pests.

The device is easy to clean and use as it can easily be plugged into the port of an outlet or AC outlet. When cleaning make sure to unplug the device.

The device is also noiseless so it will not disrupt or disturb the resistance of a location.

It also features a protective cover to prevent anyone from touching the metal grid that zaps the bugs.

The high-intensity light used lures the mosquitos and other bugs to the device while the charged electrical metal grid enacts a high voltage to kill the insects.

It covers a total area of 16 square meters with its light. The device is sold as a six pack for you to place multiple devices throughout the house.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could potentially work for your needs.

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Plug in Indoor Pest Repellent, Pest Control for Mice, Mosquito, Ant, Spider, Bug, Roach, Human and Pet Safe (Black)

This ultrasonic device which targets mosquitos and other insects of similar size is designed by Neatmaster.

Beyond mosquitos, you can trust the device to harmlessly repel mice, ants, bugs, roaches, and ants from your property.

The device, coming in either a black or white coloring, is sold as a single device which can limit the number of rooms you will be able to cover with a singular purchase.

The device works by being plugged in to an outlet and is intended for indoor use.

The device is safe to use inside the home as it requires no poisons or chemicals in order to rid the home of mosquitos.

It is safe to use around children and pets because of this.

The device features multiple sound waves being produced that offers a triple function ability.

These are known as the bionic wave, electromagnetic wave, and the ultrasonic wave.

These different waves are indicated by different colored lights on the device, ranging from blue, green, and red.

The red light function indicated that the device is now audible while the other two options are inaudible and used for less severe cases.

The device covers areas up to 120 square meters in size but cannot pass its sound through walls.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could potentially work for you.

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