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Mice and other rodents can sneak into a number of locations that seem impossible.

While most people assume mice are only problems when they are inside their homes, these rodents can also prove troublesome when they make their homes in your car or other vehicles.

As mice are active all year long, they can nest and hide in your car any time.

They are more likely to infest an area when a car is stored in a shed or garage for a long time.

Mice are also more common during winter seasons, as mice will need to seek shelter from the cold weather.

Having mice in your car can cause more than just annoyance though. Their presence can have a lot of negative effects, both to the health, cleanliness, and the function of your vehicle.

What damage mice can cause

Mice can cause a variety of damage to both your vehicle and your health. These rodents are often carriers of disease and can infect areas where they dwell or visit frequency.

When you find mice in your car, you will need to do some serious cleaning and disinfecting to make sure the surfaces are all clean.

Cleaning will also help you locate any possible nests a mouse has built.

These nests are composed of a variety of materials and can hold the diseases of mice. They can cause other issues to your car as well.

Beyond being present and encouraging the mice to stay in a car, nests can block and disrupt areas within a car.

Mice may build them around wires, lights, around the engine, or other inconvenient places that can disrupt the car’s functions.

Mice can also drag their nest materials and other matter through the venting system of a car.

This can cause debris to flow through your events when they are active and also produce smells in warmer temperatures such as summer or when the car’s heater is used.

The operation and safety mechanisms of the car can be put at risk when mice live in your car. This is caused by their nests and gnawing.

Mice can chew through vital wirings and other systems in a car, making it difficult or impossible to start. These wires can be expensive to replace, and cause severe problems.

Difficulties of removing mice

If you do not notice mice right away, they can quickly spread to different areas in your car or areas nearby, cause greater damage, and become increasingly challenging to remove.

Being observant for signs of mice activity such as smells, droppings, or even nesting materials in cars that are stored or inactive during the winter is a key to stopping any ensuing damage quickly.

Once they have infested a space, mice and easily climb through the car and cause havoc.

Other challenges of mice remove is the permanence of the repellent you are using.

It can be difficult to deal if you have completely removed all the mice from an area. They are small and can easily hide.

Using methods like traps can only target and trap one mouse at a time which can often leave you wonder how many are left and allows for the population of mice within a spot to increase.

Using repellers that are not reliant can simply create the appearance that the mice have vacated the car, only for them to return later.

What are your options?

Luckily, there are a variety of repellent options available for you to choose from in order to find the best repellent that fits your needs. These options include solutions and methods like sprays, ultrasonic devices, and more.

Before selecting what type of repellent, you will want to decide just what you expect from the repellent.

Knowing how much repellent you will need will allow you to better select what type of repellent you need.

For those dealing with a small infestation of their car or other vehicle, then a smaller solution will be efficient in removing the rodents.

Larger infestations and those that spread beyond your vehicle may require a larger quantity. Similarly, if an area frequently attracts mice, you will need a larger portion of repellent in order to apply solution more regularly.

Placing solution in areas beyond your car can help protect your vehicle from mice too. Limiting how many mice have access to the area where the car is often parked, such as the garage or an outdoor shed, will greatly decrease the amount of mice activity around and in the vehicle.

You will also want to find a solution that is child and pet friendly.

While all repellents, except for ultrasonic repellers, must be kept stored and out of reach of children and curious pets, the repellent should still be safe to use around them.

Other features like finding non-toxic or chemical based solutions, fabric safe and stain free repellents, odor of the repellent, and the length of the repellent’s protection are all important to finding the best repellent for your use.

Why not use poison and traps?

While this is often a common way of dealing with pests like mice, traps and poisons may not be the best solution for you to consider.  

Both traps and poisons are not actually repellers; rather they kill their targeted animal leaving you with the disposal. These methods of mice removal also present the problem of not fully eradicating pests without the addition of increased quantities.

This requires you to consistently buy and place traps or poisons with the ones you dispose of. They will not prevent future infestations from occurring unless they are constantly replaced and attended to the way repellents will.

Repellents create a barrier and actively drive away the pests without harming them. This keeps your space protected and does not require as frequent reapplication.

These methods can be especially challenging to place within a car that are still in use.

Traps are temperamental and can be easily triggered by movement and poisons are prone to spilling.


  • Quick acting solution
  • Easy to see if its working efficiently
  • Can be used both inside and outside the vehicle


  • Requires clean up
  • Not a permanent solution
  • Inhumane way to deal with pests

Using a repellent spray

Mouse repellent sprays are designed to be used in a variety of areas, usually focusing on the home, garage, or other outdoor setting like a porch or shed.

These products can also be used in vehicles.

The benefit of using a spray repellent is that it allows you to apply the solution directly to areas where mice are frequently found, areas where they enter the home or car, and other areas you wish to protect from future infestations.

Sprays offer a long-lasting solution to mice problems and can be reapplied to areas to increase their effect, often around every other week to every month.

Sprays are also a humane way to drive away the pests, using their natural ingredients to discourage mice activity in an area.

This is often achieved through the essential oils and similar smells produced with the sprays.

These are pleasant smells with the most common being peppermint oil. Yet to mice, it is a natural deterrent that causes them to flee an area and avoid it.

As this method does not use chemicals or other dangerous and lethal ingredients in its mix, you will be able to use it safely around children and pets.

When using it for your car, you can spray the solution on the outside, beneath the hood, directly onto wires and the engine, and even on the car’s interior.

It is important to find a spray repellent that does not cause stains.


  • Allows you to target specific areas
  • Long lasting to prevent future problems
  • Offers fresh smell
  • Non-lethal
  • No chemicals or harsh toxins
  • Child and pet safe
  • Can be used in various locations in and outside of the car


  • Must respray to strength areas
  • Some products are not fabric safe

Placing ultrasonic repellers

Ultrasonic repellents are a common method used to remove mice and other pests from an area, with specially designed devices to be placed in cars.

These ultrasonic devices are designed to be placed underneath the hood of your car, relying on the car’s battery to act as their energy source.

This means low energy consumption, but if your car battery is low, the device will automatically stop.

Ultrasonic frequencies are emitted from the device which force mice away by disorienting them.

The persistence of the sound will work to drive away all mice within its range.

Yet this sound is undetectable to humans and is safe to use around children and larger pets.

The sound creates a barrier around your car and continues to work so long as it has a power source.

The device’s results can become visible within two weeks, as it can take time to remove larger infestations of mice.


  • Undetectable to humans
  • Small and easy to set up
  • Designed for low energy consumption
  • Child and pet safe
  • Non-lethal solution
  • Targets and prevents future infestations


  • Relies on car battery and will stop working when battery is low
  • Can take two or more weeks to fully work

Best mouse repellent for cars

There are a number of repellers that may work well for use under your hood. While you may opt for a spray repeller, the following options may also prove a good place from which to start your search.

It’s important to always consult a pest industry professional before using any new product to address your pest issue.

Grandpa Gus’s Mouse Repellent; Peppermint and Cinnamon Oil, Freshen Air, Repel Mice from Nesting and Absorbs Leftover Odors in Homes/RV, Boat & Car Storage and Machinery (1.38 Oz x 4 Burlap Pouches)

This is a unique repellent method used to repel mice from your car and other areas like homes, RV, boats, farms, and gardens.

The repellent comes in an earth mineral filled pouch and is a smell-based solution. Much like a spray repellent, Grandpa Gus’s mouse repellent works by producing a pleasant smell through essential oils.

This smell is a combination of peppermint and cinnamon oil. The two smells target the sense of the mouse by affecting their eyes, nose, and mouth.

The product is sold with various quantity selection, with the average selection being a total of four pouches.

Each pouch lasts one to three months before it needs to be replaced as the smell will eventually become weakened by the environment.

The range of each individual pouch allows for a total of 180 square feet to protect your entire vehicle.

 Not only is the smell produced pleasant to humans, the pouch also works to freshen the air and absorb other odors. This is especially beneficial when mice have inhabited an area for a long period.

It is non-toxic with no mess to clean up making it safe to use around children and pets.

The pouches are easy to hang from different areas of your car, even for the car’s interior.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

Exterminators Choice Rodent Vehicle Natural Repellent for cars, trucks suv, RV Boats, peppermint and other essential oils to deter rats, mice and squirrels

This rodent repellent targets mice, rats, and even squirrels to help prevent them from damaging your home, garage, car, or anywhere else you need to protect.

It is designed for both home and vehicle use being a great repellent for cars, trucks, RVs, SUVs, boats, and more.

As a spray based repellent solution, the main ingredients working to repel the mice and other rodents are essential oils.

The two main essential oils used are peppermint oil followed by high amounts of rosemary oil.

This reliance on all natural ingredients rather than chemicals or other harsh, harmful toxins allows you to humanely remove the pests. It also makes the solution safe to use around areas where children and pets are often located.

The spray can be applied directly to the wires and engine compartment of the vehicle.

This works to prevent mice and other rodents from nesting within these places and will discourage them from chewing through the systems.

The bottle contains a total of 32 ounces of repellent to be used though there is a larger, one gallon container option as well for larger infestations or for those needing to cover larger areas.

The repellent spray is also non-staining so it is safe to use inside the car or on other fabrics.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

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