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Whether you’re storing an old car for a season or leaving the car in the driveway, mice can easily access the vehicle and make it their home. No one wants to be driving around with these unwanted passengers.

But sometimes it can take time to notice their presence and by then the problem could have grown out of hand. Full infestations and damages to your car are hard to correct.

While you can use traps and other poisons that will leave you with the cleanup, relying instead on the best mouse repellent spray to protect and repel mice from your car is an easier solution.

How mice get into your vehicles

No matter how secure you think your car is as it sits safely locked in a garage, mice can easily sneak in. They are known for their small shape and ability to squeeze through even the smallest openings.

Stored vehicles are often the targets of these rodents and surfer greatly from them.

Even cars you are actively using can become infested with the pests as they are active all year and are drawn to warm sheltered locations during the winter.

Their escape from the outside into your car also presents mice with the perfect opportunity to build nests nearly anywhere in the vehicle from next to the engine to the hood.

Mice can travel through areas like the cable holes, open windows car ventilation system, and crawl in the engine or hood.

Spotting these pests can help prevent their spread. Looking for signs like droppings, nests materials in vents, and smells can help you identify the problem early on.

Damage mice can do to your car

It takes little time to no time at all before mice can infest and cause severe damage to your vehicle. They multiple quickly and chew through nearly everything.

They can quickly cause problems to occur within the car, limiting its ability to function and disrupting safety operations as well.

This can occur when the rodents either gnaw their way through important wires or systems, or when they build nests within the hood that can block and disrupt certain machineries.

Gnawing through the car’s insulation, electric systems, and even mechanical equipment like the engine can leave a car damaged and unusable.

Nests made of paper, cardboard, and other fibers can also cause problems with the car’s operations and encourage disease.

Mice are natural carriers of disease through their nests, droppings, and overall hygiene. This can infect your car and make the environment unsanitary.

Why use spray repellent

While the quickest way to remove mice from any location is the use of traps, these leave you will the disposal of the bodies. You will also need to purchase multiple traps to rid your car of all the mice and there is no guarantee they are all gone.

Using a spray allows you to target the mice without the reliance on traps, chemicals, or poisons. This leaves the mice alive while driving them away, often due to the product’s smell.

Most modern repellent sprays will focus on creating a safe and non-chemical formula to repel the rodents.

They will rely on smells produced by natural ingredients, often essential oils like peppermint oil as it is strong and repulsive to mice.

This is a great feature to look for when purchasing your spray as it will be safe to use around children and pets.

What to look for in your spray

As mentioned, you should start your search by looking for a spray that does not use harsh chemicals or poisons. This is a good decision as it will make the product safe to use around children and pets but will also allow you to use it within the home regularly.

Though the product is safe to use around children and pets, it is important to keep it out of their reach both when storing and disposing the repellent.

These products often produce a good smell, though to the mice it will not be so pleasant. This is a strong contrast from other repellent sprays targeting other pest types which are often on the stronger smelling side.

It is also important to find repellents that can be used both indoors and out. This will allow you to utilize the product in various areas of the home. No matter if your car is outside or in a garage, the spray will be able to function properly.

Using the spray in other areas of the home is also beneficial in lowering the number of mice in your car. If you limit the number of mice around your home, then there will be less mice to infest your car.

Making sure the product is vehicle safe is also key, as you will need it to work for your car. Certain products were not able to be applied to the car interior due to materials of the seats or other features.

Size of spray repellent container

Deciding what sized container you need will also be crucial to your search.

If you do not often have to deal with mice, then a smaller container may be more reasonable for you to select.

But for those who are constantly having to fend off the rodents, larger amounts are a better option as they will allow you to better cover and reapply the product more frequently.

Respraying areas where mice occur often is important as it can stop future infestations from occurring. Respraying usually occurs every other week or every month, depending on the product’s instructions.

Best mouse repellent spray

There are a number of mice repellents that may work well for keeping the mice away. It’s important to consult a pest industry professional before using any new product in or around your home or vehicle.

The following products may prove a good place to start your search.

Exterminators Choice Mice Defense One Gallon Spray Repellent

This mouse repellent spray works to protect more than just your car, but also your home and garage. It is able to be applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

It targets all types of mice along with other rodents like rats and limits their presences within the sprayed areas.

The repellent is sold in a large one-gallon container to allow for a larger amount of coverage than and multiple uses.

The repellent offers a fresh, pleasant scent and is a long-lasting spray that works best when it is applied to a dry surface. The scent is due to the products main components of peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and white pepper.

Other than using this spray to protect your car and prevent mice, you can also protect areas of your home and office like the kitchen, attic, garage, and warehouses.

While the product does not kill mice or harm them in any ways as it does not use chemicals and is also safe to use around children, it should be kept out of the reach of children and not contact your skin when applying.

To maintain a longer lasting result and prevent future infestations from occurring, it helps to spray regularly in areas that need it the most, usually every other week.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

Nature’s Mace t Rodent MACE Mouse Repellent 40oz Ready-to-Use Spray, Brown/A

This Nature’s Mace mouse repellent spray works to drive away mice and rats from your vehicle and other areas where these rodents may be infesting, both indoors and outdoors as it is rain resistant.

This mouse repellent spray comes at a large 40-ounce bottle which is safe to use in a variety of locations. These locations include areas in the home, garage, store units, vehicles, equipment, and garbage cans.

The size of the container allows for a total of 1,400 square feet of coverage.

Using multiple locations like this allows you to better prevent mice from infesting your car by limiting the areas affected around your vehicle.

This produces a spray that offers a fresh mint scent, which is unpleasant to mice and other rodents.

It is safe to use around children and also around pets, but should still be kept out of their reach as its formula is not safe for consumption,

When using the spray, make sure to shake the container well. Avoid spraying any furniture or fabric materials directly as it can leave a residue on their surfaces.

Spray every month regularly to eliminate future problems mice and other rodents may cause to your vehicle and home.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you.

Eco Defense Mice Repellent – Natural Peppermint Oil Formula to Repel Mice, Rats, and Other Rodents – Humane Mouse Trap Alternative (16 oz)

The Eco Defense is a spray used to target rodents with a safe, nontoxic or chemical based solution that repels rodents like mice, rats, and even squirrels from affecting areas of your home or business.

As an eco-based product, there are no harsh chemicals used. Rather the spray relies on natural peppermint oil as its main ingredient. This produces a great smell that is pleasant for humans but proves to be repulsive to mice.

This formula also means it is safe to use around children and pets.

Beyond its peppermint oil it also includes other essential oils, which are a lesser portion of the spray compared to the peppermint and other natural ingredients.

Though a smaller bottle containing only 16 ounces of repellent spray, it offers a variety of benefits.

It can be used both indoors and out to fight against a variety of rodents without harming them. This includes areas like closets, kitchens, attics, basements, and of course vehicles.

The essential oils partnered with the organic ingredients are stain free if the spray comes into contact with fabrics of any kind.

When using your vehicles, whether a car, RV, or even boat, spray inside your engine to your compartments for the best results.

View at Amazon for more information on how this spray might work for you.

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