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While chipmunks may seem like small innocent creatures that are commonly seen around wooded areas, they are not always a welcomed sight in your home or business.

Chipmunks are very similar to squirrels in their destructive habits which can lead to burrowing, rummaging through your garden, or other damage to your yard, garden, and home exterior.

Having the best ultrasonic chipmunk repellent can keep these creatures away from your space without harming them in the process or requiring you to completely rearrange your landscape.

Problems chipmunks can cause

One main attraction your lawn may present to encourage chipmunks to move in, besides a consistent accessibility to a food source, is protective landscaping.

These small creatures enjoy hiding in man made landscaping like bushes, ground covers, decoratively placed logs and rocks, and other similar landscaping.

This is due to the locations’ abilities to provide a convenience and a protective space where chipmunks can burrow and live out their lives.

The ground coverings allow chipmunks to burrow their new homes.

Burrowing is the second largest problem caused by chipmunks, only beaten by their dieting on gardening and other food sources that you are trying to protect.

The long burrowing systems are created near to or even under their selected covering. The burrowed holes and covers are used to protect them during the day and night for easy access to their new homes and against harsh weather.

Chipmunks can also create more deeply rooted and larger burrows. This style of burrow is created by the chipmunks as a location to store their food and protect them during the harsh winter cold.

Their food source is based mostly on nuts or seeds which they can acquire easily near their homes. They store this food for the winter months.

But collecting this food can cause havoc to your yard as they will steal and dig up whatever they need to survive.

Chipmunks can rely on bird feeders and gardens along with other natural elements through the spring, summer, and fall months.

Like squirrels, chipmunks are known to collect seeds, corn, and other bird feed from feeders as it is easy to store. They are quick gatherers so the animals can easily empty a feeder and wait for you to refill it.

In gardens or flower beds they are known to burrow and cause other problems like eating planted vegetables upon occasion, uprooting flower bulbs, and just digging holes within the landscape.

Other natural vegetation like productions from trees such as fruits and of course nuts and acorns will also appeal to chipmunks.

How ultrasonic frequencies work

Ultrasonic devices operate by emitting a frequency that is undetectable to humans but irritates and disoriented animals.

Devices like this that target chipmunks can also include additional pest control such as LED lights which flash when activated by movement within the device’s range.

The range of these devices depends on which you select to use, but for those with smaller ranges it can be beneficial to purchase a larger pack of the devices.

This allows you to cover more ground and better protect your space.

The devices are not designed to target one specific animal but rather affect a large variety of animals with similar hearing.

Outdoor device safety

The device’s frequency is inaudible to humans, making it safe to use near areas where children are often present.

However, some pets may be affected. This greatly depends on which device you are using to repel chipmunks as each device targets other similar animals.

It is important to read through the list of targeted animals and to remove any animals from the range of the frequency.

While the device will not harm these pets, it can irritate and affect their moods, creating an unsafe and unpleasant environment for them to live in.

Where to place your device

As an outdoor ultrasonic device, there are two ways you can place them within your yard or other outdoor space.

The first option of using a provided spike or stake to plant them in your yard is the most commonly supported option for various devices.

This allows you to place the device in a wide variety of places within your yard, flower bed, garden, or near your porch area to protect from chipmunks.

The second option is the ability to hang the devices, which is offered by a select amount of ultrasonic repellers.

This solution allows you to place the devices on trees, porches, bird feeders, and more to target other areas other devices on the ground may not be able to reach.

No matter which option you use to place the device, they should also be in direct sunlight for large portions of the day.

As solar powered devices, they need long hours of sunlight in order to fully charge and prepare the devices for weather where the sun is lacking such as cloudy days.

When using multiple devices, remember to set them apart so they are not overlapping within their frequencies as this can waste the extra coverage that using multiple devices provides.

Best ultrasonic chipmunk repellent

There are a number of ultrasonic repellers for chipmunks that may work well against your neighborhood pests. It’s important to always consult an industry professional before using any new product.

The following products may help you to get your search started.

NIKAND Solar Mole Repellent Ultrasonic 4 Pack Outdoor Powered Sonic Deterrent – Mole Stopper Scare Vole for Lawn Garden & Yard Home – Groundhog Repeller Snake Rodent Gopher Spikes Chaser Pest Control

This is a solar powered, outdoor ultrasonic repellent device used to drive away several types of smaller rodents and pests.

These include moles, groundhogs, snakes, rodents, gophers, and chipmunks. These are smaller animals that can cause damage to the shape and look of your yard, garden, flower bed, and more.

The NIKAND solar ultrasonic device comes as a four pack that allows you to cover a larger portion of your yard, garden, or lawn to protect it from the listed animals.

Having the product sold as a multiple pack rather than a singular device allows you better coverage and works to ensure all your outdoor area is protected.

The outdoor devices provide a circular coverage pattern of 96 feet in diameter. This is a total of 7,500 feet of coverage.

The circular coverage is able to penetrate through the soil in order to protect against creatures that burrow within the soil.

These pests can dishevel your yard and hide within the earth so having a higher frequency to disorientate and drive away the pests is a great benefit.

The device works by producing a sonic pulse every thirty seconds to drive away pests within two to four weeks.

The solar energy lasts for four hours and constantly charges without a replaceable battery. As an outdoor ultrasonic repeller, it is waterproof and has corrosion-proof features to guarantee it works.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, Solar Powered Repeller with Motion Sensor Ultrasonic and Red Flashing Lights Outdoor Waterproof Farm Garden Yard, Repel Cats, Dogs, Foxes, Birds, Skunks, Rod

The Zocenchi ultrasonic repeller is a solar powered, motion sensor with lights that works to drive away a variety of animals that can damage or wreck your yard, farms, garden, or other outdoor setting.

Animals and pests like cats, dogs, foxes, birds, skunks, deer, chipmunk, raccoons, rodents, and more are affected by the frequency emitted by the device.

The solar powered device is eco friendly and easily charged, not needing an outlet to work that works once animals are within range of the frequency.

The design of the device allows it to be small and portal so you can place it anywhere within the affected range.

The bar for the device can be adjusted so the height of the stake can be lowered or raised in order to better hide within a lawn.

The ultrasonic frequency repeller is also weatherproof with an unsealed design to make sure it works with whatever weather arises like water, wind, and sun protection.

It is also made to resist rust to ensure its long life.

The infrared motion sensors activate the ultrasonic speaker and PIR sensor. The sensor also causes a red light to flash as a setting to help further disrupt animals.

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Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Signal Strong Flash Garden Lawn Park Protector Solar Ultrasonic Electronic Animal Scarer Bird Flooding Cat Dogs Snake Wild Boar Control Device by Samhe

Using this ultrasonic animal repeller in your garden, lawn, or even in a park works to drive away and disorientate targeted animals through a frequency wave and LED lights.

This works to drive away animals without harming them while still protecting your yard.

There is no use of chemicals or other harmful solutions, making the device save for humans.

The solar powered panels operate the ultrasonic device and act as an energy saving, eco friendly, and low voltage powered device.

The device is waterproof as well so it can withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor weather.

Several animals that can act as pests and damage your yard can be targeted by the device.

This includes a wide variety of birds and small animals, deer, rodents, dogs, cats, foxes, martens, raccoons, badgers, skunks, bats, birds, rabbits, and squirrels.

The way the sound works means animals will not become accustomed to the frequency.

The design of the ultrasonic device is portable so it can be moved in areas you need to cover within the yard.

The infrared detection principle is used to send out the frequency along with a PIR movement detector which allows for a non-stop transmission to be emitted once animals are within range.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

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