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Many people enjoy having nature in their backyard, adding feeders to their yards to encourage animals of all natures to venture into their space. But those animals can cause problems to your landscape and maybe unwanted.

While a number of irritating pests and animals can wreck your yard and other outdoor landscaping can be removed through traps and sprays, larger animals like deer may prover harder to remove.

Placing the best ultrasonic deer repeller around the areas of your home or business where deer frequently wander will allow you to repeller and drive away the creatures without harming them in any way to protect your yard and more.

Health concerns caused by deer

Deer, though not often perceived as troublemakers, can prove to be quite a handful whenever they travel out of their homes and into your yard.

Often attracted to a location when looking for food, deer can easily rummage through your garden and lawn looking for a bite.

However, their eating habits may not be your biggest concern. Deer can cause a number of health challenges as well.

Though most diseases carried by deer will not spread to humans, they can quickly affect other animals just as pets or livestock where they are present.

This can put your pets at risk and cause other diseases to form and accumulate within an area.

For humans though, the biggest health scare brought on by deer is not the diseases they carry but the pests they hid in their hair.

Deer ticks are carriers of many human diseases, similar to common ticks and mosquitoes. The most dangerous disease these ticks carry though is Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is a growing disease that can be cured with early diagnoses and treatments. It causes pain to a person’s joint and muscles that can make it difficult to move, stiffness and rashes are known to occur, and an overall feeling of fatigue is common.

Deer ticks can quickly spread this and other diseases to people and pets, infecting many.

The larger number of deer within an area increases the chances of a tick carrying the disease.

Damage to your yard

Other problems deer can cause are the damages to vegetation within your lawn.

Deer are attracted to a variety of plants common in yards, preferring natural food, trees, gardens, fertilized vegetation, and more.

Young trees that are still considered seedlings are one such treat that encourage deer to enter a home. Species of tree like oak and maple are especially pleasing to deer.

Deer are also known for invading vegetable and fruit gardens, especially if fertilized. Flower beds containing plants like daylilies or even English ivy are also at risk.

There are natural ways to prevent deer from coming to enjoy your garden or farm area, such as fences to limit their food source. But this may not be an option for everyone to use.

Instead relying on an ultrasonic repeller can limit deer and other animals from eating the vegetation.

Using an ultrasonic repeller for deer

The main benefit of using an ultrasonic repeller is its ability to drive away animals and keep them from making future visits without harming them.

Rather than relying on a chemical or toxic substance, these repellent devices rely on an emission of an ultrasonic frequency sound wave. This is generated through a speaker and covers a range that disorientates and drives animals away.

Outdoor devices will most likely feature solar panels to power the device or recharge the supplied batteries.

They can be placed in a number of settings to better cover your yard, garden, porch, or other outdoor setting.

Devices can either be hung or staked into the ground. Both options are great and allow you to better place the device.

Outdoor devices should also feature water and rust resistant features and materials to limit the amount of damage caused to them by weather.

The devices might also include different settings if you are needing to target more than deer.

Lights are also a popular feature to look for. These are often triggered by the PIR motion sensor and act as a second defensive measure to discourage animals from entering a space.

Placement of repeller

When purchasing a device, you will need to know how much area needs protecting. This will allow you to better understand what type of range you need from your device and if you will need one or more devices to fully cover an area.

Ranges vary depending on the size and power of the device, so you will be able to find one that best suits your needs.

Placing the device will be determined by the power source, solar panel or other.

If it is a solar panel device, then you will want the ultrasonic repeller to be placed in an exposed area where it can receive long hours of direct sunlight rather than large portions of shade.

This will help charge and power the device.

If the device does not function through a solar panel, but something such as batteries, then you can place it in a more discrete location.

Those devices require an outlet and therefore need to be near the source and have a covered area to prevent water damage.

They should also be placed within the center of the area you wish to cover, as their ranges create circular coverage.

Human and pet safety around ultrasonic repellers

While it is perfectly safe to use these devices around humans as they cannot hear the frequency being emitted, certain pets may be at risk.

Ultrasonic devices do not harm animals but being around the sound for too long can affect their tempers, moods, and overall comfort.

Many common outdoor pets, such as cats and dogs, are targeted by these devices.

No single ultrasonic emitter works to drive away one specific animal. Rather they cover a wide range of creatures which all have similar hearing abilities.

Deer repellents will have frequencies audible to cats, dogs, raccoons, rabbits, and other pests.

If you have these types of pets then make sure they are at a safe distance from the device or completely removed from the area until the device is no longer needed.

Best ultrasonic deer repeller

There are a number of ultrasonic repeller options that may work well for use in deterring deer. It’s important to always consult a pest control industry professional before using any new product.

The following products may help you get started with your search.

CLEANRTH TSAR520 Advanced Ultrasonic Animal Repeller w/Triple Scan Technology

This ultrasonic animal repeller is by Cleanrth and works for a variety of animals and pests including deer.

Other pests that are able to hear and be repelled by the device’s frequency include foxes, rabbits, cats, raccoons, dogs, bears, skunks, rats, and ducks.

The device uses three scanning detection-based technologies in order to further their range.

The device can reach a range distance of 52 feet. This allows the ultrasonic frequency to cover a full 2,000 square feet for its total range.

The trip scan technology operates by overlapping the sensors and increasing the device’s overall sensitivity.

When powering the device, you can rely on the water resistant plug in and cord to charge the device on a nearby outlet or use two 9 volt batteries to power the ultrasonic speaker. Having both options allows you to place the device in the most convenient place and treat an area of deer and other pests.

As an outdoor device, it is water resistant and is fully protected from water and other weather-related damages.

The device’s design can function in two ways as either a stake mount or else hanging the device on a nearby wall or ceiling such as on a porch or deck area.

It can also be hung on a tree or placed within a garden.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product might work for you.

Wikomo Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, Solar Powered Waterproof Outdoor with Ultrasonic Sound, Motion PIR Sensor and Flashing Light for Cats, Dogs, Squirrels, Moles, Rats

The Wikomo ultrasonic animal repeller works as a solar powered repeller to drive away a variety of creatures that can cause problems to your yard, garden, garbage, or other animals that cause similar problems and damages as deer.

Beyond deer, pests like mice, cats, dogs, rabbits, raccoons, and more are affected by the ultrasonic speaker’s frequency range.

Using ultrasonic frequency sound waves along with flashing lights works to drive the animals away without harming them.

The device can be hung or placed in the ground outside. This allows you to place the device in several different locations just as within your yard, garden, tree, attics, driveways, and more.

This permits you to better place the device in the center of the area where the deer and other pests are most frequent.

The PIR motion sensor is triggered by animals moving within its range and triggering the device.

Relying on solar panel energy, the device’s three double A batteries are recharged when the panel is direct sunlight.

During long periods where direct sunlight is not able to power the device, you can use the USB port to recharge the device quickly.

The device is protected from weather with its waterproof functions that prevent damage.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for you.

Redeo Outdoor Solar Ultrasonic Cat Repellent Animal Repeller Dog Deer Deterrent Scarecrow for Garden Yard with Motion Sensor – Scare Birds Away

This outdoor ultrasonic repeller is by Redeo and works to drive away pests and creatures when they trigger the motion sensors.

Beyond deer, the device’s frequency will also work against dogs, cats, rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons.

Partnered with the ultrasonic speaker is a light sensor and PIR sensor that work to trigger the frequency.

The PIR motion sensor has a detection range of 110 degrees that reaches up to 26 feet. The addition of a light that is triggered by a sensor also works to frighten and drive away animals.

The use of polycrystalline silicon solar panels works to power the device and acts as a low energy consumption device.

The solar energy also recharges the device’s four double A batteries to continue to power the device even after the sun has set.

Since it is waterproof, the ultrasonic repellent device is able to function outside despite weather conditions such as rain.

There it is water resistant, make sure during the placement of the device you allow space between the ground and the device’s speaker. 

Around two to three inches will be enough to prevent the ultrasonic repellent from being submerged in water as that can distort and prevent the speaker from functioning properly.

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