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There are several burrowing type animals that can prove to be pests to your yard, garden, or other outdoor area.

These can include gophers which are very similar to moles in their ability to burrow deep tunnel systems in the ground and leave mounds of exposed soil on the ground’s surface.

While using traps and poisons can work to clear away any current infestations, they may not completely stop and drive away all the gophers within the area.

These preventative methods can also not work to prevent other gophers from coming later.

Using the best ultrasonic gopher repeller in order to protect your yard for current and future gophers is a great alternative to using other ways which can kill or injure the pests.

How gophers can affect your home

While gophers are not the most dangerous of wild animals to come near your home, they can certainly still pose a problem.

They are not known for being aggressive or transmitting diseases like other pests, but they most certainly can be destructive to your yard.

Gophers can be very destructive animals, but not always to the obvious locations. Most of this damage can be found underground.

They travel and build burrows as tunnel systems underneath your yard throughout the entire year.

However, gophers are most active in the spring or summer where they are more active in order to find and store their food.

When they create these tunnels, they force mounds of soil to the surface, creating many mounds within a month. This can leave your yard looking destructive and broken.

These mounds can also affect other areas beyond just a lawn. They can be found in gardens and farm produce, disrupt man made pathways, and other organized outdoor areas.

These burrowing systems can lead to more than just mounds though. During their burrowing they can break and damage underground utilities.

This includes things like cables for TV or other electrical appliances, water systems like plumbing, irrigation, sprinkler, and areas of your garden or flower beds.

Other vegetations within your garden and flower beds like farming fields, vegetable gardens, tree planting, newly placed seedlings, bulb flowers and vegetables, and other plant life.

Frequency wave of device

The frequency created by using an ultrasonic repeller is the key to removing gophers, and other similar pests like mice or moles, from your yard.

This sound is not audible to humans and works to harmlessly drive away the bests with a disorientating and irritating sound wave.

Unlike other solutions to gopher problems, it will continue to work even after the moles have fully evacuated an area, which usually takes around two to four weeks depending on the used device.

This prevents further infestations from the pests.

The range of the ultrasonic device’s sound will depend on the size and strength of the device and its ultrasonic speakers.

The key thing to look for in relation to the range of your gopher device is the frequencies ability to extend its range through soil.

This is an important feature as gophers can dig deep into the soil and hide undetected. Having a frequency that will reach them will help fully cleanse your yard of the pests.

The devices are also made to resist damage from weather. As they are solar powered, they will be sun protected. It is also important to find a device that is water and rust resistant.

These elements can greatly damage a device and prevent it from working up to its full potential. They can also limit its range and lead to the breaking down of the device’s pieces.

Outside placement

When placing your device make sure it is in the center of your problem areas.

If you are using multiple devices in order to more fully protect your space and to cover more ground, make sure each device is properly spaced to limit the amount of overlap of frequencies from occurring.

Though most devices will remind you with their instructions it is also important to note how far off the ground the top of the ultrasonic repeller should be from the ground.

This can range anywhere from two to five inches.

This is a necessary measure taken to prevent water from pooling around the top of the device, which can dampen the frequency and affect the device’s ultrasonic speaker.

The placement in the sunlight is the most important thing to remember as they are solar powered and need three to five hours to fully charge in order to store their energy.

A single charge can last multiple days.

Though sunlight does power the device, it can still function during other weather conditions.

With solar energy being charged and stored, even cloudy days can have the benefit of ultrasonic protection.

Best ultrasonic gopher repeller

There are a number of ultrasonic repellers that may work well for use against gophers. It’s important to always consult an industry professional before using any new product to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your needs.

The following ultrasonic repellers may prove a good place to get your search started.

Thanos 8X Solar Sonic Mole Repellent Groundhog Repeller Gopher Deterrent Vole Chaser Spikes Traps Rodents No Killing – Protect Your Lawn and Garden of Outdoor (8)

The Thanos solar sonic repellent is an ultrasonic device that can be sold in quantities of either four or eight, making for a large amount of coverage to protect your lawn or garden for gophers.

These are designed to rely on their ultrasonic frequency sound waves to drive the animals away rather than using harmful toxins, chemicals, or poisons.

This ensures that the devices are safe to use around humans and makes them an eco-friendly low energy option to protect your lawn.

Other than gophers, the ultrasonic frequency also affects moles, groundhogs, voles, and similar burrowing rodents to ensure your lawn is unaffected by the pests.

The device is powered by a solar panel which charges in four hours of direct sunlight.

After it completes it’s charging it can last five whole days, no matter the weather.

Though the use of solar panels, it does not need to rely on an outlet or batteries to operate.

Each one of the repellers is designed to emit a range of 40 feet in diameter. These should be placed just outside of other repellers in order to cover the most ground.

The device is weatherproof and takes around two to four weeks for the best, gopher free results.

The sonic pulse emitted from the device is triggered every thirty seconds and works to penetrate beneath the soil to evacuate the area of the targeted pests.

The plastic pipe of the ultrasonic repeller should be above the soil at least two or three inches to ensure the ultrasonic speaker is able to reach its full potential.

View at Amazon for more information about how this product might work for you.

Apello Solar Mole Repellent Pack of 6 Mole Repeller Gopher Repellent Ultrasonic Vole Repellant Rodent Deterrent No Mole Traps Gopher Killer Harm to Your Garden Lawn

This Apello repeller is an ultrasonic repellent with a solar panel as its power source and functions well as an outdoor device.

Sold as a pack of six, the range of each individual device is able to cover a full 45 feet in radius leading to a total of 6,500 square feet of protections for your yard, gardens, path way, or other outdoor space.

The ultrasonic pulses and vibrations occur every thirty seconds to irritate and drive away gophers from their underground burrows and discourages the pests to return to the location with the repetitive noise.

However, the ultrasonic frequency does not work just on gophers. It can also drive away similar burrowing pests like mice, chipmunks, and moles.

Not only is the frequency safe for humans but it is also safe to be used around larger pets, soil, and plant life.

The solar charge is designed with rechargeable solar cells with no need for replacement batteries, so it is environmentally friendly and saves energy.

These solar cells take eight hours to fully charge and require direct sunlight to do so. The charged cells last for up to five days before needing to be recharged.

When placing the device remember to select a location with ample sun exposure and to insert the repeller two inches above the ground.

The device is water and corrosion resistant with aluminum materials.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product might work for use against gophers.

Toro Products 4 Pack Mole Repellent Solar Powered for Lawn Garden Yard Outdoor Pest Control Rodent Repellent Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Gopher Repeller Vole Chaser Pest Deterrent

This repellent by Toro Products operates with an ultrasonic sound wave and vibrations that targets a variety of animals beyond just gophers.

The device is also used to rid lawns of moles, voles, and mice.

Sold as a pack of four solar powered devices made with durable and waterproof materials, the ultrasonic repeller is safe to use around humans and will not affect the environment like other more damaging products used to repel and kill gophers.

The device charges through its addition of solar powered panels which take on three to four hours to fully recharge with direct sunlight. This small charge time works well and lasts for a total of five to seven days. 

This allows the repeller to work even on consistent cloudy days where it cannot recharge.

Together the four repellers cover a total of 7,000 square feet to protect gardens, lawns, crops, and grass.

The ultrasonic pulses emitted by the device’s speakers are able to travel through the soil to target pests that are hidden beneath the surface layer of a yard.

The product is designed with a water tight repeller to help protect it from various weather conditions that may arise during its time outside.

The material used to create this resistance to water is a polycrystalline technology based repeller which coats the entire device.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

To learn more information about this ultrasonic repeller, view it on Amazon.

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