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Much of what makes a yard look well attended and acts as an additional feature to make a home or business look more appealing can actually attract moles.

Mulch and flower beds act as welcoming signs for moles, as they make even hard clay dirt easier to sift through as these creatures dig their tunneling systems throughout a yard, garden, or other outdoor space in search of food.

Other features like peat moss and compost piles can help encourage these animals to make their new home in your space as they loosen the soil.

Using the best ultrasonic mole repeller to rid your yard of these pests is a great way to ensure your space is protected and will be left unaffected by moles and their burrowed tunnel systems.

Damages caused by moles

While the damage created by moles are minor, causing mostly mounds and runways from shallower tunnels instead of scary health problems or possible injuries, they can still be a nuisance.

Moles like to burrow in all kinds of landscaping locations, selecting to create their tunnel ways through grass, flowerbeds, around tree roots, and more.

This action of creating burrowed tunnels can damage grass, lawns, flowers, and gardens.

It can also affect the foundation of your home or business, destroy the roots of trees which can result in their death and eventual fall, and wires and pipes connecting your home or business to its required utilities such as water lines, plumbing, and electricity.

Moles generally create two types of tunnel systems, shallow or deep tunnels.

Shallow tunnels create what is often referred to as runways on the surface of your outdoor space.

These leave the ground’s surface uneven and create soft pieces of ground.

The shallow tunnels are most common around the foundation on a building, along driveways, and at the perimeter of a lawn.

These tunnels can result in tripping or falls as people may not notice them until the soil begins to sink beneath their feet.

Deeper built tunnels are only visible through their mounds of soil created by the quick and deep digging into the soil.

These mounds can range in size and can kill grass in and around the mound area.

Deeper tunnel systems are intended for yearlong food collection while shallow tunnels are used to find food, like earthworms and grubs, in more active times.

Moles are most active in the springtime and in summer weather.

How ultrasonic devices operate

Using an ultrasonic device is easier than it may seem. These devices do not rely on harmful or poison chemicals, traps, or solutions to drive pests like moles away.

Rather they use a frequency created through an ultrasonic speaker which emits a sound wave that is undetectable to humans.

These frequencies are used to target moles and similar creatures, like mice or gophers, to drive them away from your yard in a humane way.

The sound disorientates and irritates the pests forcing them to evacuate the area and keeps them from returning.

An ultrasonic repeller takes around two to four weeks to fully cleanse your yard of moles, though you can often see heavy activity from the creatures within the first one or two weeks as they are more active due to the sound driving them away.

Outdoor features

As an outdoor device, there are several features you will want your device to have in order to fully protect your home and yard for a long time.

Making sure your device is waterproof is the one major way to guarantee your device will continue to work for years to come.

This can be done with waterproof designs, sealing, and specialized coatings that prevent the water from seeping into the device or its speakers.

Rust resistance is also a great feature to have as it will again keep your device working long and prevent damage from affecting the device’s operations.

How to set up the device

The first step to placing your device within the needed space is to find an area with large amounts of direct sunlight.

Nearly all ultrasonic devices for outdoor use now rely on solar power panel technology in order to operate.

This is a great way to have the device be eco and energy friendly.

It also allows the device to quickly charge and store energy to be used during days that lack the needed sunlight to power the device.

A device can usually offer power for four to eight days without needing a charge, depending on its size and range.

Ultrasonic repellers for moles will most likely be placed in the ground with a stake or spike, as their frequency will need to travel through the soil to fully drive away all of the animals.

When placing multiple devices, which can help cover more ground, make sure to limit the amount of overlap occurring between device ranges.

Best ultrasonic mole repeller

There are a number of ultrasonic repellers that may work well for use with moles. It’s a good idea to consult a pest control professional before using any new product to ensure it’s the safest and most appropriate option for your needs.

The following products may help you get started with your search.

LIGHTSMAX Mole Repellent Mole Repeller Solar Powered Gopher Repellent Ultrasonic Vole Repellant Gopher Repellent Rodent Deterrent No Mole Traps Killer Harm to Your Lawn Yard (8)

Gophers, moles, rodents, and more animals that are repelled by the device whenever they are in the area of the wavelengths range.

The range of an individual device is 45 feet in a circular pattern to be placed around yards to protect it from the irritating pests.

The ultrasonic repeller works when movement of animals is detected by the PIR sensor. This triggers the ultrasonic waves in response to the movement. It does not rely on toxins or chemicals and repels the creatures in a humane way.

The solar panel is made with polycrystalline silicon to power the ultrasonic repeller.

The power source takes four hours to charge and the source lasts for four days. There is no need for batteries in order for the repeller to work.

Constructed to withstand various weather conditions including the addition of a drainage design to prevent water from damaging the device and corrosion proof to keep it lasting for a long while.

The ultrasonic devices are sold as larger packs with a total of eight individual devices in order to cover an incredibly large circular area.

This allows for a total of 6,500 square feet covered in total when all devices are in use.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you.

SEALUXE Solar Mole Repellent for Outdoors,mole Repellant for Yard,mole Away Repellent Safe for Dogs,Solar Powered mole Repeller,Mole Out,Ultrasonic Mole Repeller Outdoor-3PACK

This ultrasonic repeller is intended for moles and other animals. These devices emit a vibrating sound wave in order to keep the moles out of your yard.

The ultrasonic high frequency drives away these pesky creatures without the use of harmful substances.

Rather, it relies on ultrasonic frequencies.

These sound waves, which act as a vibrating sonic pulses, drive away and disorient moles along with other targeted pests.

Moles are not the only creatures sensitive to the vibrations of the ultrasonic pulses. The repeller also works against voles and gophers which can damage your lawn and outdoor setting the same way as moles.

These devices take a total of four hours to charge through their solar panel technology.

The device automatically charges when in direct sunlight. The charge can last up to five days even without sunlight so the device can be powered during any weather type.

As a three pack product, the total of range covers 6,500 square feet. Each ultrasonic device should be placed within 25 meter intervals.

This allows for a great range of coverage without the device’s sonic wavelength overlapping.

The construction consists of plastic that resist corrosion and the entire panel is waterproof so it will not be damaged by varying weather conditions.

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SENCA LED Solar Powered Sonic Mole Repellent, 4 Pack, Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Repel Mole, Gopher, Snake, Vole, Mouse, Chaser for Outdoor Lawn Garden Yards, Humane Pest Control Rodent Repellent

These LED light, solar panel powered mole ultrasonic repellers come as a four or eight pack product. They require no tools in order to place them within your yard, garend, or other outdoor area where moles or other targeted animals are frequent.

The device must be inserted into the ground with its base two to four inches from ground level in order to allow the device’s speaker to fully function and emit the frequency.

When first using the device it will need a full twenty four hours to charge. Afterwards it will only require three to four hours to stay consistently charged for five to seven days. This allows the device to operate design cloudy weather where no direct sunlight is present to charge the solar powered panels.

It takes two to four weeks for results to occur which offer a mole free space. However, results of the product working are visible within the first few weeks of use, which will be evident by the larger number of moles visible as they are escaping the frequency’s range.

Rather than harming the creatures, the device uses its circular range frequency to drive the pests away without harming them.

The use of LED lights makes the product efficient at night as well to further drive animals like moles away.

Beyond moles, other pests repelled by the device are gophers, snakes, voles, mice, and rodents.

The device offers a weatherproof design to resist weather conditions and to ensure it will work at night as well, leaving your yard protected around the clock.

The circular range emits a vibration and sound every thirty seconds. This sound repels pests from your yard, garden, or other manicured outdoor area. This is a low frequency sonic vibration.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this repeller may work for you.

This repeller can be found on Amazon.

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