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Having mice in your house is never a good thing. These little creatures can sneak in quickly and go unnoticed for a long time, allowing infestations of the rodents to easily occur.

No matter how careful you are in colder weather, easily accessed food, and opening in a building makes it easy and encouraging for mice to invade.

These rodents come with a variety of negatives side effects as their presence in your home, office, or other location can quickly fall prey to their actions

Having the best ultrasonic pest repeller for mice can keep these creatures from nesting in your house and make sure they stay out in the future.

How mice infiltrate a location

Rodents like mice often enter indoor locations that act as warm shelters where food is easy for them to access.

Since these creatures are able to easily tear through most cardboard boxes and thin packings of food, this leaves many buildings vulnerable.

While it is often during colder weather that mice will seek these shelters, they can become a part of a building any time, slipping through small spaces easily and swiftly so as to go unseen.

Mice can enter a home through open doors or windows, pipes and drains, cracks in the walls, and nearly any sized hole.

They are then able to hide and nest in tiny, unnoticed areas for a long time, most active when the rest of the home or building space is still and quiet.

Why it is difficult to remove mice

Once inside a building the problem only grows. Mice that go unchecked can quickly multiply, producing anywhere from five to ten litters a year with multiple mice within a single litter.

This can cause a serious increase in the infestation and make it difficult to fully remove all the rodents from the building.

The most common way to remove these mice is to kill them. This in itself can be a challenge though.

Laying poisons and traps out for mice can be unsafe with small children or curious pets around.

The traps also may take time to work and will need to be replaced frequently.

There is also still not guarantee that all of the mice have been removed by using the traps and poisons if they are not placed and handled properly.

Deposing the dead mice can also be a hassle and unpleasant experience, leaving more of a mess to clean up on top of the mess created by the mice’s presence.

Health issues and damages of mice

While mice themselves do not act malice or hold any direct health issues, their presence encourages the spread of disease.

This is where the real problem with a mice infestation lies.

The spread of the disease comes from the feces and nesting materials created by the mice. 

This encourages disease to spread through the environment and infects regions where the mice travel.

It can be difficult to tell where the mice have travelled throughout the building though and can therefore be hard to properly clean everything to prevent contamination from occurring.

The second major issue these pests cause are the negative effects they have on building interiors.

They can manage a lot of damage to buildings and seriously wreck the structure of your home.

Mice can chew through more than just your food. They can also chew apart wood furniture and structural portions of a building including rubber, soft concrete, drywall, aluminum, insulation, plastic pipes, gas lines, electric wires, and framing.

Chewing through these spaces can generate more hiding places for the mice along with leaving serious damage to your building.

Other dangers can arise from this damage such as the creation of faults within the gas line and fires from electric wires being chewed.

How ultrasonic repellers work

Unlike poisons and traps which kill the mice and leave bodies to clean up, ultrasonic repellers do not kill or harm the rodents in any way. 

Rather, the devices emit a low frequency that disorientates and causes minor discomfort to mice and other pests targeted by the repeller.

The sound emitted is safe for humans, even children, due to its low level sound.

It is also safe to the most common, larger house pets. However, smaller pets can be affected by the ultrasonic repellent.

These pets are usually listed as other animals that the frequency affects, such as snakes, mice, or hamsters. This is due to the devices being created to drive these creatures away from home and those creatures with similar hearing.

If you have these types of pets, always remove them from the range of the device or completely from the home before activating the repeller.

The devices take around three weeks to be fully effective, though many device’s strength and range allow for results within only two weeks.

Where to place repeller

Most devices targeting mice are intended to be placed indoors and rely on an electric outlet to act as their source of power.

Plugging them in at the center of the room is best as it allows for the most range coverage. Make sure nothing is blocking the device as this can dampen or cover the frequency wave’s speaker.

A device should be placed in each affected room, sometimes more than one for those at a larger size.

The ranges of the frequency will not travel through the walls of a building as the low frequency sound cannot pass.

Selecting the proper number of devices needed to cover all the places and rooms is crucial to completely removing the mice.

While these ultrasonic repellers will remove the mice within time, it is important that you should still clean and decontaminate areas where the mice have been after they are gone, even trying to find and dispose of their nests to prevent future mice from moving in.

Best ultrasonic pest repeller for mice

There are a number of products that may work well for keeping your mice problem under control. It’s important to always consult a pest control professional before using any new product to address your mice issue.

The following options may work well for use with mice and can help to get your search started.

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Plug in Indoor Pest Repellent, Pest Control for Mice, Mosquito, Ant, Spider, Bug, Roach, Human and Pet Safe (Black)

This ultrasonic repeller is sold as a single unit, coming in two different color options for you to choose from to best suit the room where they will be located. These colors are black or white.

The device is intended for indoor use, relying on an electronic plug-in in order to operate, so there is no need for batteries.

Beyond mice, the ultrasonic repeller also works for mosquitos, ants, spiders, bugs, and roaches.

The dual chip of the ultrasonic device includes a bionic wave of electromagnetic and ultrasonic sound frequencies, where both can operate alone and combined.

The setting of the device is indicated by the lighten, which signifies how extreme an infestation of mice or other pests are.

Green is a light infection while blue is for more moderate and mild infestations.

While these two light and setting options offer no audio, the red light does.

Its audio is used to severe infestations of mice and other pests that need quicker, more immediate action.

The device will be safe for humans of all ages and pets and eco friendly, without any chemicals or other harmful poisons.

However, the red light setting should not be activated while people and pets are within the house as it is high enough to be heard by those humans and pests with strong hearing and can therefore cause discomfort.

The devices range is around 1200 square feet, though its frequencies cannot travel through walls. Within two weeks, users will begin to see a significant decrease in the number of mice and pests within the building.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

TBI Pro Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Wall Plug-in – Electromagnetic & Ionic Indoor Repellent Anti Mouse, Rats, Roach, Ants, Mosquito, Cockroach Control – Safe Quiet Electronic Device -4000 Sq.ft (2-Pack)

This TBI Pro device works as an ultrasonic pest repeller and comes in two different color options for you to choose from: black and white.

As an indoor device, it needs to be plugged-in in order to function properly and cannot be placed outside is weather and water can damage the device.

The devices are sold as two packs rather than individuals so you can place multiple in a single location or in separate rooms.

Each device covers 2000 square feet, allowing for a total of 4000 square feet of protection.

However, the low ultrasonic frequency cannot travel through walls, so the range cannot extend into other rooms.

The frequency drives out mice from your home along with rats, roaches, ants, and mosquitoes.

Lights are used to indicate which of the three operational waves are functioning at the time. Each of these work to drive the pests away from the building while also benefiting the user.

Two of the functions are waves, ultrasonic and electromagnetic. These bands work to drive the insets and prevent them from becoming immune to the device’s sounds.

The third band mode of the device works to purify the air. This is completed through the production of negative ions that clean the air and make it more breathable.

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Mapogiant Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 6 Packs, 2020 Upgraded, Electronic Indoor Pest Repellent Plug in for Insects, Mice,Ant, Mosquito, Spider, Rodent, Roach, Mosquito Repellent for Children and Pets’ Safe

This ultrasonic pest repeller is a white colored device and is sold as a large pack, containing six individual devices.

This is a larger pack option so you can cover multiple rooms easily and fully protect a building from mice, working to drive them completely from bigger locations.

These ultrasonic repellers are designed to be used indoors. They are powered by electric outlets and are plug in devices.

When plugging the devices in to the outlet, remember to keep furniture and other dampening materials away from the frequency’s source.

Having objects too close to the sound wave will limit their ability to transmit fully across their range as furniture pieces dampen the noise and the frequency cannot penetrate through walls.

This device is safe for common house pets and for children. The sound it emits affects more than just mice as well.

The disorienting pulse caused by the device also drives out pests like ants, insects, mosquitoes, spiders, rodents, and roaches to help further protect your home from infestations from other creatures.

The devices cover a total of 7200 square feet between the six individual devices, with each device covering 1200 square feet alone.

This allows you to cover a wide amount of space and fit one device per room more easily than shorter ranged devices.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

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