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Mosquitoes are a common pest occurring in warmer seasons that thrive in large numbers and can often become a pain to deal with around your home, business, or warehouse.

Using the best ultrasonic pest repeller for mosquitoes can be a great way to prevent the annoying insects from ruining your time outside without using harsh chemicals or sprays.

Ultrasonic devices can be placed indoors and outdoors, allowing you to protect areas at a time with no need to reapply treatment options.

Mosquito activity

Mosquitoes can cause various health issues whenever they bite people, no matter your age.

Whether their bites lead to irritating red, swollen spots that can itch for a time or something worse, the best way to effectively tend to these bites is to prevent them from occurring.

Before you decide what ultrasonic repeller you want to use to protect your outdoor space, you need to know what attracts them.

Water is one main feature needed for mosquitoes to frequent a location, as it is needed them to breed.

A great way to begin to lower the number of mosquitoes is to remove all standing water source to limit mosquito’s attraction to the area.

This could be removing areas in the garden where water often stands after rainfall, or areas where the land is uneven creating large puddles.

For outdoor sitting areas, using nets or screens can protect and limit the number of mosquitoes that reach you while you are outside.

This can also limit other pests from entering the area.

When outside you should also try to cover you skin in order to limit the insects’ food source.

Using long sleeves and full-length pants while out near ponds or lakes and during camping or hiking activities will allow for extra protection and limit bites from occurring.

These clothes, when in areas where there is a large population of mosquitoes, try to avoid brightly colored clothing choices and strongly scented products like lotions and perfumes.

These insects are most common during warmer months, with over 176 species in the United States alone, effecting nearly every terrain.

A large portion of mosquitoes are active during the and night period, as later times allow for greater shade and therefore more activity.

Others are most active during the daytime with higher temperatures.

As the temperatures drop, the different species can die off or go into hibernation, usually when the weather allow for a consistent temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Mosquitoes can also get inside homes, offices, or other buildings.

Once inside they are often attracted to light sources and can be activity at any point.

They are difficult to remove from the inside and can live for longer periods within a building.

Risks of mosquitoes

When mosquitoes piece the skin, their bites have a high chance of being harmless, causing nothing more than symptoms like red bumps that form around the bite and can grow an itchy feeling.

These types of bites have several different treatment options available to reduce the itching sensation and lower the blemish.

It is important to treat even these minor symptoms as itching these spots can lead to new health issues.

Breaking the skin on the bumps can allow for various infections or bacteria to afflict the area.

Lesser issues like scarring or general annoyance from the bites are also good reasons to treat the areas.

Younger children or those with weaker immune systems are more at risk to more intense reactions from the bites, possibly suffering from fevers or hives which can require medical attention.

However, mosquitoes are also known to cause other, more severe health problems.

These can affect anyone who is bitten, often caused by the mosquitoes’ bite infecting people with diseases the insects have picked up from previous bites.

This can include a variety of diseases like yellow fever, malaria, and the Zika virus, all of which require medical attention and treatment.

Mosquitoes and ultrasonic repellers

Using an ultrasonic repeller allows you to protect an area without the use of chemicals or bug sprays which can rest on the skin as residues, offer strong smells, be harmful to other creatures and the environment, and need to be reapplied frequently in order to be effect.

Ultrasonic repellers are devices that drive away the insects. So rather than killing them or requiring a spray, the device produces a sound frequency that is constantly being produced as long as it is active.

This sound wave is at a low frequency so humans and larger animals cannot be affected by the sound.

The sound frequency does not hurt the mosquitoes or other targeted pests.

Rather, it causes disorientation and discomfort, encouraging them to leave the area.

The device can take time to work, usually around 3 weeks before it is fully effective, though results can often be noted within the second week of its use.

Another benefit of these devices is that they not only work to repel mosquitoes but also other pests.

The number of insects and other pests that the devices work on depends on the specific device, but often they will include other insects or small rodents.

Children and pet safety

As mentioned, the ultrasonic repellent devices are not created with high frequencies. Using low frequencies allows the sound waves to be heard by mosquitoes but not humans.

This includes young children, meaning it is safe to use around them both outdoors and indoors.

It will also make it more safe for children to be outside more without the risk of becoming sick from a bite.

Thought most devices claim pet friendly natures, it is important to view just what pest and creatures are affected by the device’s sound waves.

While the common dog or cat will not be bothered by the frequency, other indoor or outdoor pets like snakes, hamsters, or mice can become uncomfortable with the noise if they are in the range of the device’s sound waves.

This will not hurt the animals, but it can cause irritation and discomfort, so it is important to make sure you do not have any of these pet types around during the device’s use.

Where to place device

The placement and type of ultrasonic device you choose will greatly depend on if you are using it indoors or outdoors.

While mosquitoes will often prove more active outside, you may place devices inside to prevent the insects from sneaking inside.

Indoor ultrasonic devices are operated by an electronic outlet acting as their power source. Their signals cannot travel through the walls or building or through solid furniture.

It can also be dampened by carpets or thick materials close to the device’s speaker.

This means you will need nearly one device for each room you wish to protect from the pests.

Inside designed ultrasonic repellers can also function outside, depending on their designed intent.

As indoor devices are plug-in reliant in order to work, they can be placed outside but with specific placement needs.

Devices intended for both indoor and outdoor use will often not be waterproof, so placing them in areas where water like rains will not affect and damage them is key.

Areas like porches, decks, or close to doorways are often best for these ultrasonic device types.

Outdoor devices intended for pests as small as mosquitoes rely on solar panel energy and might also include rechargeable batteries.

They are placed using aluminum stakes or designed to be hung.

This allows them to be placed within yards or camp sites along with hanging by doors or outdoor sitting areas.

Range and number of devices needed

The range of your chosen device will also affect where you place it and just how many devices you will need to cover all the areas where the mosquitoes reside.

The ranges often cover anywhere from 1000 to over 2000 square feet. When indoors, you will need one per room since the frequency cannot cross between walls, as previously mentioned. Outdoors, place the devices in the center of the needed area.

Using multiple devices can help cover more ground and make sure the entire area is fully protected.

Best ultrasonic pest repeller for mosquitoes

There are a number of products that could potentially work well for use against mosquitoes. The following products may provide a good place from which to begin your search.

It’s important to always consult an industry professional before using any new product for you.

Crioxen Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent – Odorless Non-Toxic Portable Pest Control Repeller Anti Insects, Bugs, Roaches w/Dragonfly Mode – for Indoor and Outdoor – Pack of 2

The Crioxen ultrasonic repeller is a white device that can be sold in various pack sizes, including single devices, doubles, or as a larger four pack.

This allows you to better select the needed number to cover whatever ground you will need to protect.

Each device covers a total of 300 square feet in total, which is a smaller amount than other devices. This is due to its unique construction that allows it to be a small and portable device.

The ultrasonic repeller can be used indoors or out and is made portable to protect your location as you move making it a great option for those hiking or spending a long period of time outside where mosquitoes heavily frequent.

As a portable ultrasonic device, it can has a clip on feature on its back. You can clip the device to nearly anything, such as the sides of tents, backpacks, or even your jeans to create a stable, moving wall of protection around you.

Since it is an ultrasonic device, there is no odor or toxic traits and it does not rely on pesticides to function.

It is eco friendly as well and safe to use around all pets.

The main targets of the ultrasonic repellent are mosquitoes, bugs, insects, and roaches. This will reduce the number of pests that can bother you during your time outside.

Each pest is targeted by a different mode. The first is to strictly target mosquitoes and similar insects while the second mode features a sonic wave for larger insects like dragonflies.

The third and final mode is a combination of these two modes.

Since the device is made small and portable, it runs on two triple A batteries.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

TBI Pro Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Wall Plug-in – Electromagnetic & Ionic Indoor Repellent Anti Mouse, Rats, Roach, Ants, Mosquito, Cockroach Control – Safe Quiet Electronic Device -4000 Sq.ft (2-Pack)

The TBI Pro is a repeller that is designed for indoor use to protect your home from invading mosquitoes.

This means it operates as a wall plug in, replying on the electric outlet to provide power.

The device is sold as a two way pack, so you can cover multiple rooms within the home such as the garage or work areas where mosquitoes are most likely to enter from.

Make sure when you plug in the device, it is not too close to the ground and is uncovered.

No furniture or materials, like curtains or clothes, you hang in front of or be closely placed.

These can dampen the effectiveness of the frequency, similar to the way walls cut the frequency off.

The devices cover 2000 square feet each for a total of 4000 square feet.

This specific device targets and drives away much more than just mosquitoes. It is also used to repel mice, rats, roaches, ants, spiders, fleas, and similar pests.

Any pets within a location that are similar in hearing or closely related to these listed creatures should not be within the range of the device during its use.

There are three different settings offered by the device including electromagnetic, ultrasonic, and ionic waves.

While ultrasonic and electromagnetic frequencies waves work to increase the intensity of the sound force out the pests, the ionic setting serves a different purpose.

The ionic setting releases negative ions into the air, which act as purifiers to create cleaner air.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you.

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