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Raccoons can be a menace to your house, garden, and yard. Easily rooting through possessions and having an aggressive defense, raccoons can easily grow from an annoying pest to a dangerous one.  

They are smart creatures, known to have strong memories and a good intelligence which allows them to better access and infiltrate your home or yard.

Rather than using traps and poisons to hinder these pests, replying on the best ultrasonic repellent for raccoons is a cleaner and safer way to deal with the animals.

What attracts raccoons?

Raccoons often lead their own space within woods or other natural environments to seek food and a more secure shelter.

They are often found close to exposed food such as garbage cans, pet food dishes, bird feeders, gardens, and chicken coops.

Having these areas unprotected can lead to an easy raccoon infestation.

Raccoons will quickly learn where an easily accessible food source is and return frequently.

Even after being chased away, they are known to come straight back, maybe even within the same hour, until the food source is completely removed for several days.

This can make it difficult to drive the creatures away and keep them from returning, as things like gardens and pet dishes cannot easily be removed or limited.

Even relocating these can still not solve the problem.

Raccoons can smell the food and can root through and remove areas that have been protected with fences or coverings.

Other things that attract raccoons are standing water sources.

This can be caused by something as simple as puddles or uneven ground where water builds up.

But it can also occur due to pet’s water bowls.

Like pet food, such as dogs, cats, or chickens, their water will also attract raccoons since they often use water to wet their food.

This is often referred to as “washing the food” and it allows the animals to gather better information and understanding about what they are eating.

What raccoons can do

Raccoons are known to be aggressive and defensive when tested. They will defend themselves if you directly try to remove them from an area or if they are caught.

When they attack, they often rely on their bite and strong claws to injure people.

Much like they use the teeth and paws to open areas with food, these are their main defenses.

Raccoon’s claws and teeth can cause a great deal of damage to humans whenever they attack.

Not only humans can be in danger of these creatures’ defensive techniques. Other pets can also be in danger whenever a raccoon is present.

If pets try to defend their food and ward raccoons off, the two can attack each other which can lead to injury.

Though not every bite or scratch from a raccoon is severe, they can carry diseases.

Much like other animals, raccoon’s carry diseases like rabies, viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

This is not always the case, but when it does occur humans and pets alike may suffer devastating health issues.

If attacked by a raccoon it is important to treat the wounds and monitor their effect.

But your health isn’t the only thing at risk of being damaged by these pests.

Raccoons can also prove to be menaces to gardens, porches, and other outdoor spaces.

Spilling trash across the yard of a home or business, tearing through fenced areas and other yard ornaments, and more can result in damages for the outside of your place.

How ultrasonic repellers work

Ultrasonic repellers work to drive out the raccoons and other pests which can be targeted by the frequency thru sound waves rather than chemicals, traps, poisons, or other harmful factors.

The sound is designed to be a low frequency so it will not affect humans; even young children with stronger hearing than adults will not be harmed by the sound.

The device covers a range to create a barrier around itself.

Depending on how much ground you will need to cover and protect will dictate just what type of range you will want to select for your specific needs.

Ranges will vary from smaller sizes of less than 1000 square feet to well over 2000 square feet.

When you need to cover a larger portion of land you should consider using more than one ultrasonic repeller.

Using multiple repellers can offer many benefits.

You will be able to cover more space and will also create a more constant and strengthened edge to the frequency’s end point.

This is also beneficial as frequencies at such a low setting as these cannot travel through certain objects.

This includes walls and thicker materials.

Chairs on decks, trees, and other large objects can dampen the frequency as it tries to pass through them.

Owning pets

Similar to using other methods to remove raccoons from an area, pets can also be affected by the ultrasonic device.

While not all pets will be affected directly, some can have similar hearing to raccoons and other targeted pests.

These devices will often feature a variety of pests that they can drive away.

Smaller creatures like insects and rodents can be listed as such pests, but other larger pests can also have hearing that can hear the low frequency.

Like raccoons, foxes, deer, snakes, birds, and other creatures are often listed as larger animals.

Yet many of these devices that protect against these creatures will also affect cats and dogs.

It is important to learn just what pests are affected by the device in order to keep any pets you own safe.

The device will not hurt them, as its frequency is only designed to push them away. But it can irritate and bother them.

Make sure to keep them out of range of the device or completely away from the home whenever the ultrasonic repeller is active.

Traits of outdoor repellers

Unlike indoor ultrasonic repellers, outdoor devices are often powered by solar panels or rechargeable batteries.

They will need to be placed within the center of the area you are wanting to clear raccoons from, often sitting in the ground through aluminum stakes.

The devices can feature lights which are activated to frighten animals away, a great feature to consider as it can be another defensive measure to limit the presence of raccoons.

Effectiveness of device

The effectiveness of these devices can take time to display clear results. This is due to the ultrasonic emitters being placed outside.

A number of factors can affect the low frequency and its strength.

Most devices can take up to three weeks of operation to fully be affected and display strong results.

This is due to the sound waves not directly harming the creatures but working to drive them out.

It can take time to fully push out all of the raccoons and other pests within the area out and establish a perimeter within the range of the frequency.

Best ultrasonic repellent for raccoons

There are a number of ultrasonic repeller options that could potentially work well for use on raccoons. It’s important to always consult a pest control industry professional before using any new product or attempting to treat an infestation yourself.

The following products may prove useful in getting your search started.

Wikomo Animal Repeller, Waterproof Animal Repeller Rodent and Pest Repeller Cats, Dogs, Mice, Rabbit, Squirrel Repeller, Motion Activated and Ultrasonic Sound to Repel Animal Away

This ultrasonic repeller by Wikomo is an animal repeller with five different modes.

It is intended to be used outside and is designed to be protected from weather so is waterproof and can therefore be active during any weather conditions and seasons.

Beyond raccoons, the repeller also targets other animals. This includes mice, rabbits, squirrels, and deer which can offer similar damages and problems as raccoons.

The frequency waves also push away cats and dogs to keep them from your yard or other protected location.

This means any pets you have that are listed as potential pests will be able to hear the frequency and should not be within the range of the devices as it will affect them.

Each mode is for targeting different animals and uses different techniques to drive them away beyond just ultrasonic waves.

Modes one through three are each for different pests and rely only on ultrasonic waves.

Mice and dogs are within the first group, cats and raccoons in the second, and the third mode targets bats and squirrels.

Each mode targets more than just two creatures though, and the product lists what each is.

The fourth mode includes an LED flashing light and an alarm sound to partner with the ultrasonic wave.

Similarly the fifth mode uses flashing lights and all five waves of ultrasonic sounds to target every single one of the animals listed for all three modes.

The lights and wave of the device is triggered by a PIR sensor along with an infrared sensor.

These detect dynamic objects and trig a wave emission for a total of thirty seconds to drive the animals away.

The range of a single device is 30 feet with a 110 degree range.

With solar panels, the device’s three double A batteries are easily charged during the daytime.

For long periods without sun, the use of a USB rechargeable outlet can power the device’s batteries.

View at Amazon to learn more about how this product could work for you.

Thanos Solar Animal Repellent Ultrasonic Cat Repeller Motion Activated LED Flashing Light Keep Away Dog Fox Raccoon Deer Bird from Your Garden

This ultrasonic device can be placed in the ground with a stake and offers a wide radius of range to cover the ground.

As an outdoor ultrasonic device it operated through the use of solar energy with a solar panel on its top.

This panel powers the device and also works to recharge the three needed double A batteries.

This is a great way to easily power the device when the sun is out. When the sun is not able to recharge the device, users can use a USB charging port.

When the device is charging it will be a steady red light.

A flashing red light will mean the power is low and it needs to charge in order to fully work. The blue light is used to signal it is fully charged and operational.

The device is waterproof so it will be able to function properly despite varying weather conditions.

With four mode options you can easily select which of the devices different frequencies you wish to use and its other traits.

Animals targeted by the ultrasonic device include raccoons, cats, dogs, squirrels, mice, skunks, deer, and foxes.

These are each affected by the device’s different frequencies.

The different modes offer different sensitivities to fit your repelling needs. Increasing the sensitivity to higher settings can be beneficial during your first few weeks to establish a strong and quickly set perimeter for animals and other pests to avoid.

The device starts working as moving objects are detected by the PIR sensors of the unit when it is active.

When it does not detect any movement, it remains in a sleep mode to conserve energy.

View at Amazon for more information on how this product could work for you against raccoons.

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