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Having deer in your yard or close to your home is not always a wonderful experience. In fact, deer can often bring with them diseases, destruction, and their appetite.

As big of a problem as deer can present to you and your landscaping, removing deer from an area can be even more challenging.

Repellents are the natural solution to removing deer from an area, and with many different options to choose from, you can easily find one that best suits your needs.

A Bonide Deer Repellent review will allow you to better understand one such repellent.

Of the three types of repellents, Bonide Deer Repellent is a granule repellent. This means it is a dry repellent that relies on a deer’s smell to drive it away.

Repelling deer from your home

Deer are attracted to your home for a number of reasons. Whether they are looking for water or shelter, they can find many reasons for coming out of their homes to venture onto your property.

The most common reasoning for deer to come to your home is their need for a food source. This is especially true due to the plant life commonly found around your home.

Deer love a variety of plant life, from vegetables in your garden, fruit trees growing near your home and other tree types, and even several flowers that might play a part of your landscaping.

Not only do deer eat their way through your plants but doing so will allow them to destroy your landscaping.

When deer munch on plants, they can kill them, damaging their roots and stems.

The deer can also pull plants completely out of the ground. This will upturn the earth, killing the plant and possibly those around it as well.

Deer can eat through any of the fruits or vegetables you are growing as well or even damage the food by walking through the garden or field you have planted.

Deer will also eat on growing trees and harm full grown trees with their antlers.

Beyond wrecking your landscaping, deer can also cause possible health issues to arise due to their presence.

The main health issues and diseases that deer carry with them are caused by ticks.

Most of these will not affect humans but they can cause harm to your pets, farm animals, or other animals within the region.

You should monitor your animals, making sure ticks and other similar pests do not affect them.

If your animals start to display any symptoms of ailment, then make sure to take them to a vet.

You should always make sure you do not pick up any diseases from deer, most commonly through deer ticks.

These ticks carry several diseases, the most dangerous being Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is transferred to humans by deer ticks and creates a number of symptoms that cause great fatigue and stress to those diagnosed.

How deer repellent works

As previously mentioned, repellents are often the best choice to use whenever you are working to repel deer from an area.

Repellents are safer to use and often the only choice available when it comes to ridding your home of deer.

This is due to the limited number of deer related products, as other pests are repelled with methods similar to poisons, traps, or chemicals.

These are not safe to use to repel deer from your home as they will harm or even kill the deer.

Relying on repellent instead is a great option to ensure the deer are safe and unharmed as they are removed from your home.

This will mean the repellent is also safe to use around other people and animals as well.

Both pets and young children will not be affected by the repellent and the formula created to make the repellent work will be safe to use around areas where humans and animals frequent.

That said, however, you should still always consult a pest industry professional before using any new product.

The Bonide Deer Repellent is a granule repellent. This means it is a dry, outdoor repellent that targets a deer’s sense of smell in order to drive them away from an area.

Deer, along with rabbits, will be deterred by the smell of the granule repellent. This smell is not unpleasant to humans.

The ingredients used to make the repellent are safe and all natural to make sure the repellent is safe to use and biodegradable.

These ingredients include putrescent egg solids, white pepper, cloves, and garlic.

All of these are natural repellents on their own that work against deer.

But when they are all four put together, they create a strong barrier to protect your home and garden space.

Where to place the repellent

The repellent is designed for outdoor use, not to be used indoors due to its dry, granule style.

This type of repellent is not used indoors as it is built to last outside, requires clean up if it is used indoors, and is made stronger to withstand the environment of the outdoors.

When placing the repellent, make sure to read the instructions on how thick to lay out the granules in order to create a strong barrier.

The granules can be placed in a variety of locations, including around your garden, flower beds, house, garage, sheds, fences, and trees.

The repellent works well for these areas as it will not affect or damage the plant life in these areas. This is due to the repellents biodegradable design that allows it to repel deer while still being environmentally safe.

All the natural ingredients within the formula of the repellent is also another guarantee of its safe placement around plants.

These elements of the repellent also ensure you can place the repellent around areas where your pets or children might frequent as it will not harm them.

When to replace repellent

The deer repellent is designed to be weather and water-resistant working to ensure it will last for an extended period of time. This makes it perfect for outdoor use as it will work to resist being destroyed by these natural elements.

The repellent is made to last up to two months before needing to be replaced and reapplied.

This is much longer than the average four-week repellents. It will also mean you only need to replace the repellent six times out of a year.

However, if ever there is a period of extended rain or extreme weather, then the repellent may need to be replaced more frequently.

Excessive amounts of water wear down the repellent or else displace it.

Even with its water resistance, excessive rain will wear down and defuse the natural smell produced by the repellent’s ingredients.

This will lessen its strength, effecting the repellents range and effectiveness.

The repellent can be used year around to protect your home from deer. However, you may only need it during seasons where deer are most active in your area.

Depending on how much area you need to cover will also depend on how much repellent you will need to purchase.

The Bonide Deer Repellent is sold in a three pound container size. This allows you to easily cover a wide range of space.

Having the proper amount of repellent will also work to cover the necessary space and it will make sure you have enough repellent to reapply the repellent when the time comes.

Bonide Deer Repellent review: The right choice for you?

The Bonide is a deer repellent designed to repel deer from your yard, garden, and other outdoor areas.

It can be placed in a variety of places outdoors such as your flowerbeds, porches, fences, gardens, and more. These are areas where deer will often travel through and destroy.

As an outdoor repellent it is designed to resist the effects of weather such as water.

This ensures it is long lasting and will provide a strong barrier to keep deer and other animals like rabbits away from your home or other outdoor space.

The Bonide repellent is designed to be safe to use around all life. This includes not harming the deer it is repelling.

It is also safe to use this repeller with homes that have young children or pets.

The granule repellent is also safe to use around a variety of plants and landscaping. This is due to its biodegradable formula and the use of its natural ingredients.

This allows you to place the repellent directly around plants that are often eaten or trampled on by deer without harming the plants with chemicals or other harmful toxins.

This is a humane repellent that does not require the use of poisons, traps, bait, or any killer elements that might harm the deer.

The solution is long lasting, working for a total of two months before needing to be replaced.

The repellent is biodegradable so it will not require clean up or have a negative effect on the environment.


  • Safe to use around pets and children
  • Does not harm vegetation so it is safe to use in gardens
  • Only repels the deer, does not harm them
  • Long lasting abilities allow it to last for up to two months
  • Natural ingredients work to repel the deer and it is also biodegradable


  • Must be reapplied eventually
  • Intended for only outdoor use