Best Rat Control Products: Options for infestation

Finding the best rat control products is a great way to limit the damage caused by rats whenever they are in your home. Repellents also work to rid a home of rats and other pests without any associated clean up or harm the animals in any way. How rats enter a home Rodents like rats

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Does Peppermint Oil Repel Rats?

If you hear scurrying at night or find large, dark, oval shaped droppings around the house, you may have a rat infestation! This may be alarming at first, but not to worry! You have many options at your disposal to safely eradicate your home from rats. We’re going to discuss the different ways to remove

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Scents That Repel Mice and Rats

Did you know that many of the items in your kitchen cabinet contain scents that repel mice and rats? Mice and rats are some of the biggest plagues to homeowners.  While they may invade homes, businesses, restaurants and more, there are several ways that you can get rid of them for good! Sometimes, the best

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