Is Skunk Repellent Safe for Dogs?

While you may be tempted to put skunk repellent in your yard at the first sighting of these smelly white-striped creatures, you always want to have the safety of your family in mind. Since your furry family members are often the most likely to explore in your yard, you want to be sure that any

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3 Skunk Repellent Plants for Your Garden

Has a skunk ever wandered into your yard? If so, you were probably struck with fear that it would spray. Skunk spray is incredibly smelly, and it’s difficult to get rid of. It’s especially tough to remove if the spray hits you or a pet. Once a skunk sprays in your yard, you will probably

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Do Raccoons Spray Like Skunks?

Raccoons certainly show a strong resemblance to skunks from afar, but how similar are they in actuality? With their dark grey coats and shadowed eyes, you may even mistake a raccoon for a skunk from a distance! But, there are some very stark differences between raccoons and skunks. In this article, we’ll explore some common

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