Under Hood Repeller

Best Rodent Repellent for Cars

Mice, rats, squirrels, and more can easily penetrate a location, crawling through small spaces and being undetectable when their numbers are small. This includes your car where they can live in the hood, trunk or even the interior of the vehicle. Once they infest a place it can be difficult to remove them. They often

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Best Mouse Repellent for Cars

Mice and other rodents can sneak into a number of locations that seem impossible. While most people assume mice are only problems when they are inside their homes, these rodents can also prove troublesome when they make their homes in your car or other vehicles. As mice are active all year long, they can nest

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Best Under Hood Rodent Repeller

Though you may not realize it, your cars and other vehicles can be vulnerable to unwanted passengers making the area underneath your hood their new home. Many smaller rodents often find their way through the wires and engines of your car as they are able to squeeze and crawl through the spaces easily. This leaves

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