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When earwigs get out of control, they can cause serious damage to your garden by destroying your favorite flowers.

They chew on flowers, leaving them with ragged edges and holes on the leaves and petals.

Earwigs are nocturnal, which means that they thrive in cool, moist areas during the day and come out to feed at night.

Most of the time, you will not see earwigs when gardening since they hide in dark areas during the day.

To find them easily, you should check them under the pots of your damaged flowers.

As soon as you spot earwigs, you should get rid of them immediately. Their population can grow very fast, which will be difficult to control.

Causes of earwigs in flower beds

Earwigs can be caused by several factors.

First, they like to feed on flowers and herbs that are found in most gardens. Additionally, they feed on insects found around your flower beds.

Second, earwigs thrive in damp and sheltered places, such as the areas under your potted flowers.

When you do not attend to your garden regularly, you are likely to suffer from earwigs infestations.

How to get rid of Earwigs in flower beds

When earwigs start causing damages, you should get rid of them before they get out of control.

When looking for a solution, find the natural, less harmful one to your plants and cheap.

Here are the various solutions on how to get rid of earwigs in flower beds.

  1. Oil Trap and Soy Sauce

One of the easiest methods of getting rid of earwigs is the use of oil trap and soy sauce.

The scent of the soy sauce will attract them, and the oil will prevent them from escaping. This method can be used when there are few earwigs in your flower beds.

First, you will need a container with a lid and put equal amounts of oil and soy sauce. They make holes on the top so that the earwigs can get in.

Once they are inside the container, they will not be able to crawl out. This method is natural and will not affect your flowers.

  1. Water and Alcohol Spray

With this method, you will need to combine tap water and alcohol in equal parts and mix them well.

When you spray the mixture on the earwigs, it will not only destroy them completely but also prevent them from coming back to your garden.

The method is ideal when the earwig infestation is worse. The alcohol sticks on the shells and destroys them.

However, some of your flowers may get affected by this mixture.

Before you spray, ensure that you test on the leaves and petals to see the reaction.

If the flowers react to the mix, ensure you spray directly to the earwigs or use another method.

  1. Use of a flashlight

Since earwigs actively feed when it’s dark, you can use a flashlight to spot them at night.

In this method, you will need a bag to put the earwigs collected.

To spot them easily, look for damaged flowers with chewed edges and holes. You will find the pests on the stem and leaves of your flowers.

Pick them off and drop them in your bag.

This method is ideal when the pests have not increased in population.

To pick as many earwigs as possible, turn off your outdoor lights at night, and only use your flashlight to spot them.

  1. Use of Petroleum Jelly

Earwigs cannot crawl over petroleum jelly. You will need to spread petroleum jelly around the stems of your flowers.

Ensure that you smear a generous amount to keep the pests away.

Note that with this solution, you will only prevent the earwigs from your flower beds, but you will not destroy them completely.

The method is ideal if your flower garden is not extensive.

When choosing a good petroleum jelly, find the one that is made from natural and safe ingredients.

  1. Clean your Flower Beds

Earwigs hide in dark and moist places such as piles of weed, debris, and dead plants.

You need to ensure that your flower bed is well attended so that the pests will not have any hiding place.

To get rid of the damp, shady areas, start by getting rid of unnecessary mulch and trimming your flowers.

Make sure that you attend to your flower garden at least once a week to keep it clean and free from these pests.

Clean flower beds will not only keep the earwigs away, but you will have a beautiful garden.

  1. Use of Birds

Birds love eating all types of insects, including earwigs. You start by attracting birds by hanging bird feeders around your garden.

When the birds start coming regularly, you should remove the bird feeders so that they can start hunting on the earwigs.

The best thing about this solution is that you will have attractive birds in your yard.

Furthermore, the method is all-natural and will not affect your flowers negatively.

  1. Use of Diatomaceous Earth

Spreading a fine layer of diatomaceous earth around your flower beds will destroy the earwigs and prevent them from coming back.

It causes the pests to lose moisture by cutting through their shells and eventually kill them.

This method will also prevent the infestation from other types of pests that eat your flowers.

  1. Use of Damp Newspapers

The use of damp newspapers is a great trap for the earwigs. Take a section of a newspaper and dip in water to dampen.

Remove and set it around your flower bed in the morning.

Earwigs look for damp places to spend during the day to escape the afternoon heat.

In the evening, you will find lots of earwigs in the newspaper.

  1. Use of Insecticides

Insecticides can be highly effective when trying to get rid of earwigs. Today, there are different insecticides and pesticides in the market.

Make sure that you use the one intended for crawling insects. The best time to apply insecticides is before they start feeding.

When using these treatments, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s directors well.

Things to avoid when getting rid of earwigs

With the many methods on how to get rid of earwigs in flower beds, some may not work.

The use of some insecticides can destroy your flowers and cause allergic reactions to your body.

It is recommended that you first test the treatments for a day to see the reaction before using it on your entire garden.

Safety considerations

When using the water and alcohol spray, ensure that you label them well so that they are not used for other purposes.

For safety purposes, you should spray on the earwigs directly after you spot them to avoid over-spraying.

Moreover, when using insecticides, ensure that you keep them away from children.

The chemicals used to manufacture these insecticides can be harmful to people when ingested or touched.

Though earwigs are not dangerous to humans, they can damage your flower beds, especially in large numbers.

To destroy them completely and prevent them from damaging your plants is possible and easy.

By following the above simple steps, you will soon forget everything about earwigs.

Hiring a pest control company is another way to help you get rid of these pests.

Before hiring, ensure that you compare different companies and find out the methods they use for safety.