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Gophers, curious creatures whose front teeth never stop growing, invade yards, fields, and gardens in teh northern hemisphere.

If your outdoor space is plagued by hills and burrows, you may have a gopher problem!

How do you get rid of these small rodents?

While predators like foxes, owls, hawks, and coyotes prey on gophers, relying on predators may be insufficient.

Sweeney gopher traps provide an easy-to-use solution for managing the gopher population in your area.

In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of this product and look at some Sweeney gopher trap reviews.

How do Sweeney gopher traps work?

Sweeney gopher traps are some of the most effective, humane trapping products on the market.

And, they require very little effort from you.

If you can locate a gopher burrow or tunnel, you can use the Sweeney gopher trap.

Gophers tend to build tunnel systems complete with holes to enter and exit at various points.

To begin, inspect areas of your space where you notice a large number of hills and holes.

This will help you determine where gophers are most active. 

If you know where gophers are the most active, you know where you should place the trap to achieve the greatest chance of success.

To set the trap, simply choose the hole or tunnel that you want to target, and then position the trap inside.

Space traps 12-18 inches apart for optimal coverage. Set a trap in each direction so that you can catch the gopher regardless of its point of origin.

Choose your locations wisely. 

Make sure that there is no space for the gopher to move past the trap. 

For best results, do not allow any light to show around the trap.

If light seeps past the trap, mound up the surrounding dirt for a tighter fit.

If the gopher can detect light, it will sound an alarm that something is awry with the area. 

When this happens, the gopher will avoid the trap and choose a different tunnel.

You should set the trap somewhere that you often see gopher activity and in a spot where the trap fits nicely.

To make it easy on yourself once you trap the gopher, tie a string to the top of the trap and secure it to a stake on the surface.

After that, all you have to do is wait! When the gopher trips the trap, it will be caught in a deadly snare.

You are likely to catch a gopher in two days or less. Check the traps at least once a day. 

Once you catch your first gopher, you can reset the trap in a different location.

Depending on yoru specific property, a number of gophers could call your space their home.

Up to 60 gophers can live on a single acre of land, so you have a lot of trapping to do!

Sweeney gopher traps will help you be one gopher closer to ridding your property of these rodents.

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to set up a Sweeney gopher trap.

Benefits of Sweeney gopher traps

  • Enjoy safe, nontoxic gopher protection.

Sweeney’s gopher traps are a nontoxic solution to your rodent issues.

Unlike other products, Sweeney gopher traps will not contaminate your yard. Relying on mechanical action, they are free from harmful chemicals and substances.

When you use this product, you can feel secure that no toxic chemicals will seep into your yard.

After you’re finished with the traps, your lawn will be a safe space where kids and pets can play!

  • Avoid the hassle of assembling traps.

Unlike other available products, Sweeney’s gopher traps arrive ready to go!

You will not have to worry about the fuss and frustration of assembling traps any longer.

Sweeney’s believe that dealing with small parts and the potential to injure yourself are unnecessary annoyances in trapping.

So, they’ve done the legwork for you! When you use Sweeny’s gopher traps, you won’t have to struggle through assembling traps before you use them.

Sweeney’s is dedicated to making your life as easy as possible! 

  • Sweeney’s gopher traps kill swifty.

Gophers meet their end as soon as they trip the trap. Sweeney’s strives to give gophers a quick, clean, humane death. 

It’s the right thing to do.

  • A strong design embodies quality.

Sweeney’s gopher traps measure 6.5 in x 2.25 in x 5.75 in. Two separate traps come in each pack, giving you a greater chance of trapping success.

With a pincer style design, these traps are quick and efficient. 

All of the moving parts are well below the surface, so you do not have to worry about harming children and pets in normal circumstances.

But, please take precautions any time you place traps or pest control products in an open space.

While these traps are not designed to harm any creature besides gophers, it’s best to play it safe. 

Talk to your children about safe trapping and keep pets away from the area.

  • Durable construction shows that they’re built to last.

They are weatherproof, so they won’t degrade in rain or extreme heat!

Covered in a novel powder coating, Sweeney’s gopher traps are meant to withstand outdoor conditions.

They won’t rust or break down, regardless of how many times you use them.

Unlike some of their competitors, these traps are built with outdoor use in mind.

Sweeney Gopher Trap reviews: Right for you?

So what’s the verdict on Sweeney Gopher Traps?

In general, these products are regarded as being well-built and durable.

It’s important, though, to always consult a pest control industry professional before using this product, or any other, for your particular situation, to ensure it is safe and appropriate.

It’s important to make sure this trap is securely in place before use, as gophers are quite active and evasive and may move around quite a bit in the trap.

You may even want to test out the trap first to ensure it is working properly and to ensure it does not catch anywhere.

Remember to always exercise caution when testing a trap.

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