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An earwig invasion can be stressful. Who wants to share their home with these weird pincher bugs? Nobody!

Find out why they enter your home and how to kill them naturally.

Learn how to prevent them from entering your home once you’ve taken steps to naturally exterminate them the first time.

What causes Earwig infestations?

Earwigs thrive off of cold and damp environments. Hence, they do not mind staying outside in the colder months.

However, if it gets too hot and dry, this is why they will enter homes to seek a cooler habitat to survive.

They like to eat dying fruits, vegetables, and other plants in gardens.

If you have a withering garden, there is a chance that earwigs are already making a feast out of your dying plants.

If flooding happens in your garage or basement and you bring a wet box inside your living space, there could be earwigs already residing in that wet box of your belongings.

What kills earwigs in your home naturally?

There are safe and natural ways to kill earwigs.

Especially if you have children, elderly relatives, or pets living with you, it’s best not to use dangerous chemicals to exterminate earwigs.

You can use household items you already have on hand for the extermination project.

Diluted Rubbing Alcohol Spray

Recycle an empty cleaning spray bottle or purchase an all-purpose cleaning spray bottle from a dollar store or your local grocery store.

Dilute some rubbing alcohol with a little bit of water inside of this spray bottle.

You can spray this solution directly on the earwigs to kill them on contact.

Oil and Soy Sauce

Earwigs love smells. It attracts them to find food and water sources. You can mix olive and soy sauce together into a container of your choice.

Leave it out in locations where you have seen earwigs crawling.

Make more traps as needed based on the number of locations you have seen the earwigs crawling around.

Dish Soap with Water Spray

Mix a small amount of your favorite dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water to spray areas where you have seen the earwigs crawling in your home.

This will get rid of the earwig trail that may attract others in the colony.

DIY Earwig Light Traps

You can use the second suggestion of an oil and soy sauce trap except you shine a small light on the container.

This will attract earwigs faster to the soy sauce and oil.

To minimize the unpleasant vinegar smell, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil such as lemon or sage into the solution.

It will make the rooms smell somewhat better after treating your home with this DIY natural repellant.

Try the 3rd suggestion of mixing dish soap and water, except rather than putting it in a spray bottle, place solution in an open container.

Shine a small light, whether an oven light or a small bedside lamp, on to the container to attract the earwigs.

Whatever liquid mixture you decide to use, the idea is to use the light to attract the earwigs and use the liquid as a drowning agent to kill them on contact.

Water and Vinegar Spray Repellant

Mix equal parts water and vinegar inside a spray bottle of your choice. Spray on your kitchen and bathroom counters to repel earwigs.

Be sure to spray in other areas of your home where earwigs have been sighted.

What not to use to kill earwigs

There are certain methods you should not use when trying to exterminate earwigs in your home.

Earwig Pesticide

Earwig pesticide should only be used outside of the home.

Using an earwig pesticide inside the home would not be effective and only cause health concerns for your family.

Malathion is common pesticide used to exterminate earwigs and other pests.

It could cause harm if young children or pets come in contact with the chemical.

If children or pets come in contact with malathion, it can effect the nervous system by traveling to the kidneys and liver.

You could experience shortness of breath, diarrhea, and other concerning symptoms.

Boric Acid Powder

While boric acid can kill earwigs, it is harmful to children and pets. If you have either party in your home, avoid using this method.

If a young one or a furry friend swallowed boric acid, it could cause seizures, diarrhea, vomit, and more. You should contact a medical professional immediately, as this could be an emergency.

Try the more natural methods explained above to exterminate the earwigs.

Safety considerations when exterminating earwigs

Keep in mind of certain safety considerations that come with exterminating earwigs.

  • Be sure any of your DIY natural earwig traps are pushed far back on kitchen or bathroom counters, so they are out of reach of children.
  • Store your homemade earwig killing sprays in a locked cabinet away from children and pets.
  • If earwigs end up in one of your children’s bedrooms, have your child sleep with you or in another sibling’s room until the earwigs are completely exterminated. This is so he or she does not access any of the traps you have out for the earwigs.
  • Change out your homemade traps every 1-2 days or whenever you see 2 or more earwigs dead in the traps. You do not want old dead earwig carcasses in your home for too long. Cleaning up dead earwigs regularly keeps your home tidy to discourage more from entering.

How to prevent earwigs from entering your home again

Once you have freed your home for an earwig invasion, take these steps to reduce the likelihood of them coming into your home again.

  • Do a whole house search inside and outside for any cracks or holes. Seal them up to reduce any entry points for earwigs. Check your window screens for holes as well and repair them!
  • Dispose of any old or rotting vegetation where earwigs could possibly be residing outside of your home. This includes dead wood, old leaves, and any stone piles.
  • Do you have a pipe leak? Fix it immediately so earwigs are not attracted to the mositure.
  • Have your gutters not been cleaned in a while? Hire a contractor to clean your gutters or do it yourself to minimize wet environments that earwigs like to inhabit.
  • The shadier trees and bushes become, the more damp they are. Trim these areas outside your home to lessen the earwig population.

Any precautionary measures you are able to take to reduce the amount of earwigs outside of your home will reduce the likelihood of them entering your home again.

Final thoughts

We hope you benefit from discovering what kills earwigs in your home naturally.

Natural methods are always safer for you and your entire family, so that life does not have to be disrupted using an unnatural extermination method that could cause discomfort or health issues in your home.

If you find that one of the natural methods you have been using is not working, try another method or combine two or more methods together for better results.

Eventually the earwigs will leave your home with enough patience and persistence in your extermination plan.